Nimue the Blood Queen will be the antagonist for the new Hellboy (2019) movie. Join our Talks Comics Host and Hellboy comic book collector, Brian. As he discusses the Blood Queen and her appearances in several Hellboy comic books from Dark Horse Comics to get you ready for the new movie that just came out in theaters.

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Nimue the Blood Queen

Her 1st Appearance: Hellboy The Wild Hunt #2 (W) Mike Mignola (A) Duncan Fegredo, Guy Davis, Dave Stewart.

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She is also referenced in several stories including Darkness Calls and The Storm & the Fury. Elements from all three story lines will be written into the script for the new movie.

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The Blood Queen Origins

The Blood Queen is a powerful sorceress that lived during the rule of King Arthur. Beloved by the wizard Merlin, he confided all of his secrets onto her. Using her new found knowledge she imprisoned Merlin in a grave for eternity.Without the guidance of Merlin, her vast magical knowledge drove her into madness. Eventually, the Witches of Britain, a small council of elder witches, set out to stop her path of destruction. The Witches succeeded, and imprisoned her for 1,500 years.Until her revival, by the fairy Gruagach during The Wild Hunt story line.

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Gruagach was given a gold and bejeweled chalice from, Astaroth. Astaroth is known as the right brother of Azzael, making him Hellboy’s uncle. The chalice contained the blood of humans from a nearby village, needed for the resurrection. Gruagach poured the chalice into the box, which restored the Blood Queen.

The Blood Queen will be the antagonist for the upcoming film, HellBoy.
Starring David Harbour, Ian McShane and Milla Jovovich.

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