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What We Are All About

Here at My Comic Universe we are all about comics, collectibles, movies, television and more!

Our Shows!

We have a few YouTube shows that we feature at My Comic Universe, as well at two podcast shows, and we of course will have lot of other fun content!

Talks Comics! - A monthly comic book show with hosts Brandon & Brian. We go over the latest comic book news, discuss comics and the comic book industry, and we give out a comic book reading recommendation at the end of every episode.

POPCORN Feed - A monthly show about movies and television with a focus on sci-fi and comic book genres. Hosts Brian & Steve go over the latest movies and television shows and give out a movie watching recommendation at the end of every episode.

The Funko Room - This show comes out once every 2 months so make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified when a new episode comes out. Travis, the host of The Funko Room and episodes range from tips and tricks to hunting for pops to showing off his collection. A great show for any Funko collector or fan!

My Comic Universe Podcast - A monthly podcast with hosts Brandon, Brian, Travis and Steve. Each podcast will have a specific topic from Wolverine to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Day, and so much more!

MCU Talks Everything Podcast - A monthly podcast with hosts Brandon, Brian, Travis and Steve. This podcast is different than our other podcast. Ever wonder what its like to hang out with the MCU crew? This podcast is just us talking about anything and everything! Anything goes in this podcast!

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