marvel collector corps captain marvel unboxing

Marvel Collector Corps Funko Subscription Box | Captain Marvel Unboxing

The March Marvel Collector Corps box is one of the better boxes we have unboxed in a while. This month’s theme is Captain Marvel. We know you watched Avengers: Endgame and saw Captain Marvel kick butt in that movie! We hope you got a chance to watch the Captain Marvel movie, because this box won’t […]

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The Origin of Nimue the Blood Queen | Hellboy (2019)

Nimue the Blood Queen will be the antagonist for the new Hellboy (2019) movie. Join our Talks Comics Host and Hellboy comic book collector, Brian. As he discusses the Blood Queen and her appearances in several Hellboy comic books from Dark Horse Comics to get you ready for the new movie that just came out […]

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Daredevil Issues #1-3 from Marvel Comics | Talks Comics!

Hello Comic book fans! There is a new Daredevil series out on the shelves available at your local comic shop. Join our Comic book Collecting Specialist & host of Talks Comics, Brian. As he discusses the story from issues #1-#3 of Daredevil from Marvel Comics. YouTube Daredevil (2019) Video: YouTube: Click here to watch our […]

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How Can the Film Industry Learn from Comics? Sitting Down with David Baxter on Legion M

Wondercon has come and gone so quickly this year. It is definitely one of our favorite comic conventions of the year. It is also a great way to kick out con season! Our good friends over at Comics Covered Podcast were lucky enough to get press passes to Wondercon and held an amazing interview with […]

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Batman & The Flash Crossover – The Price | Talks Comics!

The worlds two greatest detectives, Batman and the Flash. The new DC Comics crossover and Heroes in Crisis story line tie in, The Price! This is a four-issue crossover between the Rebirth series Batman and The Flash. Covering issues 64 and 65 from each series. This is an intense story of Batman vs The Flash! Check […]

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