Oblivion Song – Gideon Falls – Power Rangers Shattered Grid | Talks Comics! #8

Welcome to another episode of Talks Comics! A monthly YouTube show from My Comic Universe’s Brandon and Brian, where we talk about a few comic book news updates then get into our main comic book topic. The main topic of today’s episode is independent comics. We discuss a few new comic book series from Images […]

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Action Comics #1000 – Variants & Store Exclusive Covers

Action Comics #1000 from DC Comics is coming out April 2018! We are getting both a hardcover (April 11th) and an over-sized 80 page issue (April 18th). For the over-sized 80 page issue of Action Comics #1000, a ton of variant covers are starting to be announced! Action Comics #999 was just released which means […]

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Comic Print Runs – New Comic Characters – Flash War – Wondercon 2018 | Talks Comics! #7

Welcome to Episode 7 of Talks Comics! from My Comic Universe. There has been a lot going on in comics lately, but we wanted to go over some of the topics that stood out to us this month. Topics for this episode of Talks Comics! include Wondercon 2018, Comic Book Print Runs, New Marvel Characters […]

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