The worlds two greatest detectives, Batman and the Flash. The new DC Comics crossover and Heroes in Crisis story line tie in, The Price! This is a four-issue crossover between the Rebirth series Batman and The Flash. Covering issues 64 and 65 from each series. This is an intense story of Batman vs The Flash! Check out the latest episode of Talks Comics! where host’s Brian and Brandon discuss the new crossover and give out some cool comic reading recommendations.

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A Heroes in Crisis tie – in. (w) Tom King (a) Clay Mann. This story-line takes place before Batman (2016 3rd Series [Rebirth]) #61-63. The Nightmares story-line picks up again in Batman (2016 3rd Series [Rebirth]) #66.

Reading Recommendations

Previous crisis/ tie- ins; Crisis on Infinite Earths (1985), Identity Crisis (2004) Final Crisis (2008) Grant Morrison and the Button (2017) crossover/tie-in. We will leave some links for the graphic novels so you can get in our these great reads.

Crisis on Infinite Earths (1985)

Identity Crisis (2004)

Final Crisis (2008)

Batman and The Flash – The Button (2017)

Batman #64

(w) Joshua Williamson (the flash, justice league odyssey) (a) Guilliem March

The Price of Innocence Part 1

When a cold case from the Justice leagues past mysteriously re opens. The worlds two greatest detectives, Batman and the Flash. Are the only two who have a chance at cracking this case. Even so our heroes will be put to the test when they must confront their own demons of the past in order to solve the mystery of the sanctuary murders.

Bruce heads to the flash museum for some answers. Shortly after his arrival, Barry arrives to confront Bruce. Finally, Bruce opens up to Barry about who he believes who the killer or killers could be, Gotham (Hank) & Gotham Girl (Claire Clover). Bruce wanted to train them as his replacements. But the Psycho-Pirate manipulated them and Bruce had to call in the Justice League because of their power. Bruce explains to Barry that if Claire continues to use her power she will die like her brother.

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Flash #64

(w) Joshua Williamson (the flash, justice league odyssey) (a) Rafael Sandoval & Jordi Tarragona.

The Price of Innocence Part 2

This chapter opens with Claire our prime suspect in the case. We find that she is being manipulated once again to begin this chaos. Our detectives have their prime suspect for the sanctuary massacre. They find their first clue as to Claire’s location. The two race to the Caribbean. Only to find castle strong hold.

While in the castle, the two find a room where the walls are covered with pictures of justice league members. While searching the castle the two hear a buzzing noise, they find a room filled with Mr Freeze’s cryogenics chambers. As the story continues, flash finds the mask of the murder. He then confronts batman about Claire’s improvement at sanctuary. Gotham Girl comes crashing in with the super venom serum and injects it into the slumbering Gotham clones. While our heroes are distracted. Gotham Girl flies off to destroy central city PD.

Batman #65

(w) Joshua Williamson (the flash, justice league odyssey) (a) Guilliem March

Batman and Flash continue to battle the Gotham clones in the castle. But the only way the two detectives will make it out of this fight is to work together and set aside their feud over sanctuary.

The Flash #65 

(w) Joshua Williamson (the flash, justice league odyssey) (a) Rafael Sandoval, Jordi Tarragona

In the final chapter of this cross over we reach our climactic battle between our heroes and the newly super venom serum Gotham Girl. Make sure you watch the above video of Talk’s Comics! where we discuss this crossover is more detail!

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