Hello Comic book fans! There is a new Daredevil series out on the shelves available at your local comic shop. Join our Comic book Collecting Specialist & host of Talks Comics, Brian. As he discusses the story from issues #1-#3 of Daredevil from Marvel Comics.

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Daredevil Issues #1-3 from Marvel Comics

daredevil marvel comics

The Creative team

(W) Chip Zdarsky (A) Marco Checchetto & Sunny Gho

First, we wanted to talk about the creative team on this series and some of their other work. Chip Zdarsky has worked on several other Marvel Comics titles such as Peter Parker; The Spectacular Spider-Man and Howard the Duck. Chip also is the artist and writer for his Image Comics series Sex Criminals.

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Marco Checchetto is an amazing comic book artist. Marco is also a member of the Marvel Young Guns program. Which is a program created to help promote rising comic book artists. Marco has worked on several series for Marvel comics. Aside from Daredevil, he is currently working on the art for the Old Man Hawkeye comic book series. Last, is colorist and artist Sunny Gho. Some of his work with Marvel comics includes The Uncanny Inhumans the 2015 series.

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daredevil marvel comics

Know Fear Parts 1-3


When Matt Murdock was a kid, he lost his sight in an accident involving radioactive chemicals. Though he could no longer see, the chemicals Heightened Murdock’s other senses and imbued him with an amazing 360-degree radar sense. Now Matt uses his abilities to fight for his city as… Back in Hell’s Kitchen after a traumatic injury and off his game, Daredevil has seemingly killed a low-level crook. Charged with murder, Matt seeks a way to clear Daredevil’s name. But with the arrival of Detective Cole North, the heat in Hell’s Kitchen is just getting higher.

Key Books and Iconic Story lines

daredevil marvel comics

Daredevil #1

(W) Stan Lee (A) Jack Kirby & Bill Everett.

This is the first book in the first series. It also contains the first appearances of Daredevil, Karen Page & Foggy Nelson.

Estimated Value: $3,000+


daredevil marvel comics

Daredevil #158

(W) Frank Miller (A) Frank Miller, Klaus Janson & Joe Rubinstein.

This is the first book that Frank Miller wrote for the character. This is the first time this amazing creative team has come together.


daredevil marvel comics

Daredevil #168

(W) Frank Miller (A) Frank Miller & Klaus Janson

This book is the first appearance of Elektra.


daredevil marvel comics

Daredevil #181

(W) Frank Miller (A) Frank Miller & Klaus Janson

This iconic cover and story are worth having for any Daredevil or Elektra fan. This book is the death issue of Elektra.

Estimated Value: $18-$22


Daredevil #227 – #233 Born Again story line.

(W) Frank Miller (A) David Mazzucchel

This critically acclaimed story line has been a fan favorite for years. The most current season of the Marvel Netflix series circled around elements from this story line. If you are looking to grab these books. I would recommend flipping through some $1 boxes at a convention or pull them and offering a vendor a fair price. However, if you are looking to just read the story. There is a graphic novel in trade paperback form as well. Below there is a link to that trade paper back.

Amazon: Click here to buy Born Again by Frank Miller on Amazon

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