Dragon Ball Super: Who is Jiren?


The Tournament of Power is well underway and Dragon Ball Super is gradually nearing it’s end, at least for those of us watching the English Dubbed episodes each week. With so many characters sharing the ring in this all out battle royale, the action has been intense! Among all of the new fighters we’ve been introduced to, one in particular has our interest piqued… Jiren the Gray of Universe 11. Who is Jiren? What’s this guy’s story? How much of a threat does he pose to our beloved Universe 7? These are some of the questions we wanted answers for. Little is known about Jiren, but without further ado, lets dive in to what we DO know.

**SPOILER WARNING** The article below may contain minor spoilers for those watching Dragon Ball Super as the English Dub episodes are released. If you’re behind or haven’t even started Dragon Ball Super yet, click here and get on it!


Source: Toei Animation

Once upon a time, Jiren was a carefree child, living on his home world with his parents. One day, his mother and father are murdered by an un-named evil-doer. Jiren is rescued by a man who will eventually become his master and mentor. Over time, Jiren became a skilled fighter and other students were drawn to train at his side for his cause.

Source: Toei Animation

Eventually, he feels confident enough in his own abilities as well as those of his pupils that they are ready to confront his parent’s killer once again.

Source: Toei Animation

Sadly, most of his fellow students and even their master were massacred in the fight. Devastated by the defeat but still determined in his cause, Jiren vowed to grow even stronger and return to challenge the evil-doer again. His fellow surviving pupils had given up though and refused to fight alongside him, leaving Jiren feeling betrayed.


Source: Toei Animation

At this point, Jiren lost faith in the concepts of trust and friendship and decided that strength and power are the only true key to justice. He went on to live in solitude, training the whole time to increase his strength. He remained alone until joining the Pride Troopers. Even then, he had no interest in trust or friendship and kept his relationship with his fellow Troopers strictly professional.

Source: Toei Animation

We find out during the Tournament of Power that Jiren is so focused on having a wish granted by the Super Dragon Balls that he turns down the opportunity to become Universe 11‘s next God of Destruction. Android 17 deciphers that Jiren‘s wish would be to bring his parents back to life. Aww Jiren, you big softy!



Jiren is the strongest being in all of the known multi-verse, with the possible exception of the angels (such as Whis and Vados) and the Omni-Kings Grand Zenos themselves.

Source: Toei Animation

Jiren can survive in the vacuum of space.

He is extremely fast! Even more-so than his teammate Dyspo while in Super Maximum Light Speed Mode.

Source: Know Your Meme

Jiren has an extremely advanced ability to perceive movement around him. He can almost instantly recognize and react to anything in his environment.

Source: Toei Animation

He has the ability to encase an opponent in energy.

Source: Toei Animation

He can release ki blasts that easily overtake Goku‘s Kamehameha waves and even the might of a Spirit Bomb.

Source: Toei Animation

Unfortunately, that’s about all we know about Jiren. At least until the creative minds behind the Dragon Ball franchise give us more to work with!


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