The March Marvel Collector Corps box is one of the better boxes we have unboxed in a while. This month’s theme is Captain Marvel. We know you watched Avengers: Endgame and saw Captain Marvel kick butt in that movie! We hope you got a chance to watch the Captain Marvel movie, because this box won’t make too much sense then. Funko has given us 2 pops in this box, along with two other items. It’s always a good box when you get two pops instead of one. Check out our below video unboxing the Captain Marvel theme for the Marvel Collector Corps Funko subscription box. We also give you a little spoiler on the next theme, which is already sold out!

YouTube: Check out our Captain Marvel Unboxing video:

YouTube: Click here to watch our Captain Marvel unboxing video in a new window in YouTube

Captain Marvel Theme

The theme for this box is Captain Marvel, and after unboxing this months box, the items definitely fit the theme. One thing that sets this box apart from others is that we got two pops instead of the normal one pop. The Pop Tee is also really cool, and looks just like the movie poster. The Pint Glass we got in this box is a great item too, our Pint Glass collection is definitely growing with these Funko subscription boxes.

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 Spoiler for the Next Marvel Theme

With all the hype going on for the new Avengers Endgame movie, is it any surprise that the theme for the next box is Avengers Endgame? Normally we would put a link in the article so you can order the next box off Amazon, but the Avengers Endgame theme box has already sold out. It actually sold out very fast. We will be doing an unboxing for the next box in the beginning of June 2019.

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