This week ushers in a vibrant tapestry of storytelling from the titans of the comic book world such as DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, and IDW. Hold onto your hats—this week’s comic book releases are a testament to the incredible creativity that powerhouse publishers continue to bring to our shelves. Here’s what’s hitting the shelves this week.

New Comic Book Recommendations | November 08, 2023



Blue Beetle #3

(W) Josh Trujillo (A) Adrian Gutierrez

After the recent attack, Jaime turns to the one person he knows who can decipher the mystical runes left by the Blood Scarab: Traci 13! Can these exes work together and piece together the secret history of Khaji Da?!






Poison Ivy #16

(W) G Willow Wilson (A) Marcio Takara

As Ivy recovers from her latest bout, her thoughts are strangely drawn to a person whose life she ruined. It’s time to meet Chuck: an absolutely ordinary, everyday family man who is about to discover he has a higher calling in life.






Shazam! #5

(W) Mark Waid (A) Dan Mora

The Captain’s battle against the forces of the Moon Emperor may orbit the absurd…but it’s full of action that will leave you…Apollo? (You can create your own moon pun for the end there, kids.) Mary Marvel joins the fray, the Shazam Family faces the Gods, and a devastating betrayal awaits you in this issue!








Superman ’78: The Metal Curtain #1

(W) Robert Venditti (A) Gavin Guidry

When the planet Krypton exploded, its last son was rocketed across the cosmos and came to settle in a small town in Kansas. But what else came with him, and what if a piece of his home landed somewhere we never knew about? As Superman has become a symbol of strength and pride for America, the Soviet Union looks to crush that image with a creation of their own, built by their own might and forged by their own power! Robert Venditti returns to the Man of Steel with new artist Gavin Guidry!




G.O.D.S #2

(W) Jonathan Hickman (A) Valerio Schiti

Jonathan Hickman & Valerio Schiti continue to redefine the Marvel Cosmology! The Centum normally has twenty-five Primes, now only three remain. College isn’t worth the time or the money. There’s a hidden book in the hidden library that hides a hidden door. Kubisk Core is from Georgia and that matters.







Guardians of the Galaxy #8

(W) Collin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing (A) Kev Walker

The truth about Grootfall is out there now, but will the universe listen? Do we even have to ask? It’s the Guardians vs. Whitecap High Command! The Fight for the Fold reaches its explosive conclusion just in time for everything to go to flark!






Marvel Unleashed #4

(W) Kyle Starks (A) Jesus Hervas

It’s the final stand against Blackheart as Throg, Redwing, Chewie, Lockjaw, Bats and D-Dog put everything they’ve got into stopping the son of Mephisto from unleashing his army on the world. But one of them won’t make it out alive…






Punisher #1

(W) David Pepose (A) Dave Wachter

Is this the return of Frank Castle – or the start of something else? Frank Castle has disappeared, but evil will always need to be punished. With all-new threats rising to claim innocent victims, criminals will need to beware of a dangerous vigilante hunting them from the shadows. Who is the new Punisher? What put him on his path of vengeance? And when the smoke clears, will he even make it out alive? It’s John Wick meets The Fugitive in this action-packed new saga from Ringo Award-winning writer David Pepose (SAVAGE AVENGERS, MOON KNIGHT: CITY OF THE DEAD) and Eisner and Harvey Award-nominated artist Dave Wachter (PLANET OF THE APES, X-MEN LEGENDS), as the Marvel Universe meets the next generation of punishment!




X-Men Red #17

(W) Al Ewing (A) Yildiray Cinear

When Genesis returned to Arakko, she brought war in her wake. What will her husband bring with him? This issue – Apocalypse returns! Storm holds the ultimate weapon in her grip – but in the face of En Sabah Nur, even that may not be enough…








Dark Ride #9

(W) Joshua Williamson (A) Andrei Bressan & Adriano Lucas

NEW STORY ARC. Who is Halloween, and what is the real story behind the Princess of Devil Land? When given the choice to claim her throne, can Sam trust his sister in his time of need?






Nights #2

(W) Wyatt Kennedy (A) Luigi Formisano

It’s movie night with Gray, and Vince is taking the long way home. And there’s only one way back…through the mysterious woods. Now, all that waits for him is blood, teeth, and vintage cola. Stay outta the woods, lover boy.






Petrol Head #1

(W) Rob Williams (A) Pye Parr

In a climate crisis-ravaged future metropolis, an old, grumpy, obsolete, smoke-belching, cigar-chomping, HOTROD-RACING ROBOT is one 12-year-old girl’s only hope. Together, can they outrace the chasing Robo-Cops with an invention that might just save humanity?





The Enfield Gang Massacre #4

(W) Chris Condon (A) Jacob Philips

With a dangerous hurdle cleared, the Enfield Gang continues its battle with Capt. Ely while the deposed Sheriff Hardesty seeks answers to the question of who killed Bill Barley.






Transformers #2

(W) Daniel Warren Johnson (A) Mike Spice & Daniel Warren Johnson

The Decepticons have been unleashed! As Optimus Prime and the Autobots regroup, Starscream terrorizes humanity.
This issue features a surprising first Energon Universe appearance!





Dark Horse


Count Crowley Midnight Madness #1

(W) David Dastmalchian (A) Lucas Ketner

A dead werewolf would have made Jerri Bartman feel victorious just a few days ago. But this deceased beast was her friend and our beloved monster hunter is shocked and depressed. The return of her predecessor brings no consolation and now there’s a ghoulish child-snatcher on the loose in Beloit… Holly Halloween, Count Crowley! Things are really getting batty!







Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #145

(W) Sophie Campbell (A) Gavin Smith

Change is constant, but family is forever… at least it’s supposed to be. Since recent events have left his family fractured, Donatello has taken it upon himself to do whatever it takes to protect his brothers from a threat only he saw coming… Little does he know it’s already too late… Armaggon Is Inevitable. Don’t miss the first issue of Sophie Campbell’s definitive TMNT tale! The road to #150 starts here!





Best Pick Up from Last Week | November 01, 2023

Doctor Strange #9

(W) Jed Macay (A) Pascal Ferry

With General Strange’s endgame in sight, Doctor Strange must confront the man he could have been. But everyone has their own agenda… Can the Vishanti be trusted? Is W.A.N.D. capable of changing for the better, or will they return to their black-ops roots? Which Strange will Clea side with? It all comes to a head as the battle for the soul of Stephen Strange begins!





Graphic Novel/ Trade Paperback Recommendation


Moon Knight Vol.1 The Midnight Mission

(W) Jed Mckay (A) Alessandro Cappuccio

Collects Moon Knight (2021) #1-6. His mission is justice! The mysterious Mr. Knight has opened his Midnight Mission, sheltering his people from the weird and horrible. The Moon Knight stalks the rooftops and alleys marked with his crescent moon tag, bringing violence to any who would harm his flock. While Khonshu languishes in prison, Marc Spector’s sacred duty must still be observed: the protection of those who travel at night. But what happens when those he would save are turned into weapons against him? When gangs of elderly residents leave a trail of bizarre violence, Moon Knight must put his body, mind and very soul on the line to end the carnage! A mysterious foe attacks from an unexpected direction, an old friend comes to visit and Marc finds himself answering the same question over and over again: “Why do you wear the mask?”




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