This week’s comic scene is buzzing with excitement as big names like DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, and IDW roll out their latest offerings. From cityscapes echoing with heroic deeds to far-off galaxies filled with intrigue, there’s something for everyone from this week’s Comic Book releases.

New Comic Book Recommendations | November 01, 2023



Detective Comics #1076

(W) Ram V & Dan Watters (A) Jason Shawn Alexander, Liam Sharp, & Christopher Mitten

Batman: Outlaw, the five-part biweekly Detective Comics event, starts here! Batman, now under the control of an Azmer demon, is to be publicly hanged to atone for his crimes! With both the city and the Dark Knight under the Orghams’ spell, it’s a lawless land, and with the Bat-Family out of the picture after the events of The Gotham War, who will help him? It’s up to the ragtag group of Batman’s greatest allies, and enemies, to steal him from the gallows before it’s too late!






Spirit World #6

(W) Alyssa Wong (A) Haining

Xanthe, Constantine, and Batgirl realize that only one other person has defeated the monster who’s been collecting spirits by taking their memories…and it’s the person who’s responsible for creating the joss-paper money, the original currency of the Spirit World!







Avengers #7

(W) Jed Macay (A) C.F. Villa

The Avengers defend the world – but they are beginning not to recognize the world as their own. What has happened to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and…what has happened to the Vision?






Doctor Strange #9

(W) Jed Macay (A) Pascal Ferry

With General Strange’s endgame in sight, Doctor Strange must confront the man he could have been. But everyone has their own agenda… Can the Vishanti be trusted? Is W.A.N.D. capable of changing for the better, or will they return to their black-ops roots? Which Strange will Clea side with? It all comes to a head as the battle for the soul of Stephen Strange begins!





It’s Jeff: Enter the Jeff-verse #1

(W) Kelly Thompson (A) Gurihiru

Jeff the Land Shark embarks on another series of madcap adventures with guest spots from some of your favorite heroes! Whether he’s orchestrating a pet shop takeover, or solving a high-stakes mystery like “What’s the best street-food snack” (the answer will SHOCK you, True Believer), Jeff is flipping his fantastic fins all over the Marvel Universe! Stealing hearts and cookies with equal impunity! Collecting issues #13-24 of the hit Infinity Comics series from the Marvel Unlimited app, this one-shot features a brand-new cover and never-before-seen story from beloved creators Kelly Thompson and Gurihiru!




Scarlet Witch #10

(W) Steve Orlando (A) Sara Pichelli

When chaos magic meets alchemical might, it’s all Wanda can do to keep her town – and her friends – from getting caught in the crossfire. Hexfinder has sworn vengeance on all witches and won’t stop until Wanda is a trophy on her wall. Wanda is one of the most powerful forces in the Marvel Universe – but can she stand against someone who’s trained her whole life to eradicate magic?





Spider-Boy #1

(W) Dan Slott (A) Paco Medina

SECRETS OF SPIDER-BOY REVEALED! Spinning out of the pages of DAN SLOTT and MARK BAGLEY’s monumental SPIDER-MAN run-here comes the spectacular SPIDER-BOY!
After the events of THE END OF THE SPIDER-VERSE, Spider-Boy’s secret history as Spider-Man’s sidekick was nearly forgotten forever. But now those mysteries will be revealed while they embark on exciting new adventures…TOGETHER!






King Spawn #27

(W) Todd Mcfarlane (A) Javi Fernandez

The Dead Zones are open and the march toward the Throne of Hell has begun. Who can Al trust to stand by his side and not be tempted to take its power?







The Sacrificers #4

(W) Rick Remender (A) Max Fiumara

We love to imagine that one day we will eat them. But they don’t have to dream. They have what they want. We live on their scraps. The anger is rising.





Dark Horse


Canary #1

(W) Scott Synder (A) Dan Panosian

In 1891 a mine collapsed into itself. What was the dark substance found 666 feet underground? Blending modern horror, historical fact and Western lore, Scott Snyder and Dan Panosian have created a uniquely terrifying thriller with Canary. During the final days of the Gold Rush, one mining company in Colorado, pulled up radioactive Uranium, and then the mine then collapsed in on itself. Legends sprung up about the mine being cursed or even haunted. Now the Frontier is closed, the gold and silver mines have dried up. The country is becoming “civilized,” and yet, in one stretch of the Rocky Mountains, a terrifying, new kind of violence is suddenly emerging. Random killings. People going mad and murdering neighbors, classmates without real cause. When a schoolboy kills his teacher with a hatchet, a famous federal marshal named Azrael William Holt is called in to investigate the killings. What hea brilliant young geologistis stranger and more horrifying than anything they could have ever imagined.



Best Pick Up from Last Week | October 11, 2023


Radiant Black #26

(W) Kyle Higgins & Joe Clark (A) Del

THE CATALYST WAR CONTINUES! The rules of engagement become clear. Nathan and Marshall face the first trial. RADIANT BLACK is a Massive-Verse series.






Graphic Novel/ Trade Paperback Recommendation


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Vol. 1

(W) Kyle Higgins (A) Hendry Prasetya

Longtime fans of the smash-hit show Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and newcomers to this ensemble driven series, will discover a deeply compelling world packed with highflying adventure and tremendous heart. Welcome to Angel Grove. Home to the Power Rangers and weekly monster attacks. Tommy Oliver was the new kid in town when evil doer, Rita Repulsa, swooped in and made him the Green Ranger. Now, free from her mind control, Tommy struggles to find balance between the plights of high school, making new friends, and the dangers that come with being a hero. Writer Kyle Higgins (C.O.W.L., Nightwing) and artist Hendry Prasetya (Voodoo vs. Green Lantern) explore the untold story in the life of the Green Ranger as he struggles to overcome his demons and learns to trust again. This collection also features short stories from Steve Orlando (Midnighter), Corin Howell (Bat-Mite), Mairghread Scott (Transformers:Windblade) and Daniel Bayliss (Kennel Block Blues).


Amazon: Click Here To Buy The Graphic Novel Trade Paperback Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Vol.1 on Amazon


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