Welcome to Episode 7 of Talks Comics! from My Comic Universe. There has been a lot going on in comics lately, but we wanted to go over some of the topics that stood out to us this month. Topics for this episode of Talks Comics! include Wondercon 2018, Comic Book Print Runs, New Marvel Characters as well as DC, and the new Flash story arc from DC Comics, ‘Flash War!‘ We also give out our comic book reading recommendation at the very end of this episode!

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To start this episode off, we go over some of the top news in the comic industry we are excited about.

News Articles:

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Urban Legends


The mid 90s Image comic series, getting revived by IDW PUBLISHING. The 23-issue series was cancelled and never concluded. Now the original creative team of (w) Gary Carlson/ (A) Frank Fosco return to finish the series. Those will hit your local comic shop on May 16, 2018.

  • Black Panther

black panther comic

The Black Panther movie just topped $500 million after a record $65 million on its third weekend. It is now the 2nd highest grossing Marvel movie after Avengers. Also, since we are talking about Black Panther, the comic writer Ta-Nehisi Coates will be taking over the Captain America comic series this summer.

  • DC Comics – Neil Gaiman/ The Sandman Universe


Neil Gaiman announced a new line of Sandman comics centered around the Sandman universe. Released from DC/ Vertigo publication. It will start off with The Sandman Universe #1 one shot (w) Neil Gaiman along with several other talented writers. (CA) by Jae Lee.

Following the one shot there will be four new series that will be centered around the Sandman Universe. The four series are The Dreaming / Lucifer/ Books of Magic/ House of Whispers.

We will keep you posted on those series as they hit your local comic shop.

  • Flash Movie Flashpoint


Flashpoint movie (DCEU) has 2 new directors – John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein confirmed on March 3rd that they will be directing the new Flash Movie Flashpoint.

Wondercon 2018

If any of you have ever been to Wondercon, then you know how difficult it can be to get autographs from some of the big names at the con. Last year we arrived hours early, waited in long lines, for only a chance to get an autograph from Jim Lee. Once you get through the line you get to pull a ticket out of a bag. The ticket will either be a winner or a loser, a complete gamble.

wondercon logo

This year, Wondercon decided to do an online lottery system for certain autographs. If you purchased your tickets, you can simply log in to the online portal and there is a section for exclusives. From there you can request to get an autograph from Jim Lee, Scott Snyder and more.

Comment below and let us know what you think about this new lottery system for autographs.

Click here for a full list of guests at this years Wondercon!


Wondercon will be the World Premier of the digital animated series Constantine. They will also be doing an autograph session with the creators.

batman ninja

If you are like us and extremely excited for the new animated movie Batman Ninja, then you will want to make sure you make it for the autograph session with the creators at Wondercon.

Comic Book Print Runs

Definitely check out the above video of Talks Comics! to get our full take on the comic book print run issues currently being debated in the comic communities online.

asm 797 comic mint

Amazing Spider-man #797The Comic Mint variant that is the homage of the first hob goblin (Amazing Spider-man #238). Stated that it is limited to 600 copies, but it seems the minimum order for Marvel or DC variants through Diamond is 1000 copies. There are other variants out there doing this, but the Comic Mint ASM variant is the most recent we can think of.

It is also worth noting that some retailers could be putting out variants for independent companies. The main issues with print runs in this discussion is more focused on DC and Marvel variants.

Are people lying and saying that a variant has a smaller print run than it actually has? Are they hording a bunch and waiting for it to “sell out” so they can sell more copies for a higher price on eBay or their family and friends are selling them. Let us know in the comments what you think is happening.

diamon comics

We also know that Diamond will make extra copies to cover “damaged” books that Diamond ships to retailers, so this could also have something to do with the extra copies popping up.

At Comic Book Conventions you also see retailers with more copies of a variant that sold out on their website. The retailer could have received more from Diamond because they claim to have received “damaged” copies in the original shipment. They could also be holding extras from the initial online sale for the convention.

New Comic Book Characters (Marvel Comics & DC Comics)

**Possible Comic Book Spoilers below**

red goblin cover

Marvel Comics and DC Comics have been creating new characters lately to help sell their comics, and it is definitely working! Just look at the hype around Amazing Spider-manGo Down Swinging” story arc because of the upcoming new character Red Goblin villain. It seems a lot of the new characters that are coming out lately are just merging two existing characters together or just taking characteristics from existing characters.

weapon h

The Red Goblin is just a mix of Carnage and the Green Goblin. Weapon H from Marvel Comics is a mix of Wolverine and Hulk. If you have been reading the Thanos comic series, then you know all about the Cosmic Ghost Rider. Check out the above video to find out who the Cosmic Ghost Rider actually is (hint: he is a mix of two Marvel characters). And while all of these characters do seem awesome, it is just annoying that all of the characters coming out seem to be doing this.


From DC Comics, we have the New Age of Heroes that ties into Metal. Looking at the new character Sideways, a lot of people are saying he is a rip-off of Spider-man from Marvel Comics.

dc sideways.jpg

Let us know below in the comments what you think about these new comic book characters.

Flash War

**Possible Spoilers for Flash Comics and the Flash War Story Arc**

The next big story line in the Flash comics from DC Comics is “Flash War.” It seems like we are so close but still so far from actually getting this amazing story of Flash vs. Flash, Barry Allen vs. Wally West on who is the best Flash.

flash war prelude annual

So far, we have some big teases on who will return: possibly Jay Garrick and Hunter Zoloman’s Zoom.

At ECCC this year, Joshua Williamson, writer for the Flash, talked the current “Perfect Storm” arc and the impending “Flash War.” “Gorilla Grodd has been behind basically every bad thing that’s happened to Barry Allen,” Williamson recapped for the crowd. “He took away Barry’s powers. Now Barry is powerless — he goes out and gets help from the classic Wally West.”

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Also, Hunter Zolomon is back —Williamson told fans in attendance that upcoming issues will detail his plan, and why he wants Barry and Wally to fight each other.

There’s a lot of cool stuff coming,” Williamson concluded, including a big role for Iris in “Flash War.”

Flash War will start on Flash #47 out May 2018

Comic Book/Graphic Novel Recommendation

Since we are so excited for the new “Flash War” story arc coming from DC Comics, we wanted to recommend the trade paperback, Flash Rebirth by Geoff Johns.

flash rebirth geoff johns

Click Here to Purchase Flash Rebirth by Geoff Johns on Amazon!

Since the “Flash War” story will be all about Barry Allen vs. Wally West, this is the perfect story to read before. Barry Allen was dead in the DC Universe for a long time and Wally West was the main Flash. This six-issue story is all about the return of Barry Allen as the Flash! You also get to learn a lot about the Speed Force, and how Barry actually received his powers!

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