The highly-anticipated summer comic book extravaganza, Knight Terrors from DC Comics, has wrapped up its gripping two-month narrative arc. This two-month comic book event has brought together some of the best in the industry. Here we have compiled a list of the 10 critically acclaimed issues that have fans and critics alike buzzing—let’s dive in!


10 Critically Acclaimed Issues from DC Comics Knight Terrors

In Knight Terrors, iconic heroes Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman stumble upon the corpse of an old nemesis inside the Hall of Justice. While the investigations begins the heroes and villains of the DC Universe will find themselves in the Nightmare Realm. The event had been planned by DC Comics and helmed by a powerhouse team of creators, some of the creators include Joshua Williamson, Mark Waid, Leah Williams, and Philip Kennedy Johnson. Building on the legacy of iconic events like DC Universe: Lazarus Planet and Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths, Knight Terrors has turned out to be another powerhouse event for the major publisher.


Knight Terrors: Action Comics #1

(W) Leah Williams & Philip K Thompson (A) Vaco Gorgevi, Mico Suayan & Fico Ossio

Slipping into the world of nightmares is only the beginning as Power Girl faces off with the scariest dream of all…herself! Paige may have narrowly escaped the grasp of the devious Johnny Sorrow, but all of that was just a warm-up for the real villain inside. Meanwhile, the Super-Twins are lost in a terrifying dreamscape and being hunted by a nightmare version of their own adopted father, the murderous Cyborg Superman. Can Superboy, Kong Kenan, and the Steel family find the twins in time to save them, or will they join his bloody list of victims?



Knight Terrors: Superman #1

(W) Joshua Williamson (A) Tom Reilly

What does the Man of Steel have nightmares about? Clark Kent knows why he’s been pulled into the Nightmare Realm and goes in search of his family and friends, but that journey takes him to the haunted Nightly Planet, where he is confronted by the Super-Reaper! In the waking world, Superman was in midflight when he was hit by the nightmare wave. Where he crash-lands will surprise you!





Knight Terrors: The Joker #1

(W) Matt Rosenburg (A) Stefano Raffele

The Joker’s worst nightmare becomes a reality: he’s got a day job! How will he handle meetings that could have been emails?! Why did management cancel “Bring your child to work” day?! Who will want to make small talk at the coffee machine?! What is Alexis going to pick for lunch?! And who is the masked madman terrorizing Gotham at night?!





Knight Terrors: Ravager #1

(W) Ed Brisson (A) Dexter Soy

Defend your life, Rose Wilson! Ravager is separated from Stormwatch and trapped in a nightmare world where she must protect her younger self from being consumed and corrupted by the Murder Man and his blood-crazed Slaughter Squadron. Can Ravager protect a young Rose Wilson without losing her own identity? Why does the Murder Man seem so familiar, and how does he know so much about Rose?




Knight Terrors: Zatanna #1

(W) Dennis Culver (A) David Baldeon

Annataz si kcab! Zatanna, one of the last people awake on Earth, must defend her unconscious allies Wonder Woman and Detective Chimp from Insomnia’s Sleepless Knights-led by their horrifying Sleepless Queen! But the outnumbered Zatanna can’t do it alone. She uses her magic to summon any champion that is still awake, which puts her in an unlikely team-up with one of the world’s strangest superheroes: the Unstoppable Doom Patrol’s Robotman!




Knight Terrors: Green Lantern #1

(W) Jeremy Adams & Alex Segura (A) Eduardo Pansica & Mario Foccillo

Back in space to face his greatest fear! Something is wrong in Sector 2814, and Hal Jordan, Kilowog, and a few other Lanterns must find the mysterious disturbance, despite a ban on any of Earth’s Green Lanterns leaving their world. What they discover is a planet controlled by a familiar face-the face of Hal’s greatest fear! And in a backup story, Sinestro finds himself thrust into a new reality that drags him into the darkest corners of his past…and perhaps his future.




Knight Terrors: Poison Ivy #1

(W) G Willow Wilson (A) Atagun IIhan

It’s another absolutely gorgeous and serene day in Pamela Isley’s lovely little new neighborhood! Everything and everyone here is wall-to-wall smiles! Nothing ever goes wrong, everyone is friends, and best of all, it’s made just for Ivy with lots and lots of love. Now, Pammy, don’t frown, don’t fuss, and don’t fret-just because this wasn’t what you thought you wanted, that doesn’t mean it won’t fit you like a glove! Now have some pie, dear, don’t think too hard, and just smile.




Knight Terrors: Detective Comics #1

(W) Dan Watters (A) Riccardo Federici

Jim Gordon stumbles upon a sacred ritual held by three disciples chanting around an enchanted clock…and one of them is wearing the robotic Batsuit that he donned many years ago as Batman…except this metal suit seems to have have soldered directly into the flesh of the wearer! What do these creatures want with Gotham, and why are they targeting Jim’s daughter, Babs, too? This has to be a dream, right? Or perhaps it’s a nightmare, but if you die in it, you can die in real life as well…





Knight Terrors: The Flash #1

(W) Alex Paknadel (A) Daniel  Bayliss

After the Flash Family freed Barry Allen from the dimension Pariah locked him in, the Scarlet Speedster was able to return home for some quality time with Iris and his other loved ones. But after the world is plunged into the Nightmare Realm, Barry’s trapped in a different cage, and he’ll have to find a way out on his own!





Knight Terrors: Robin #1

(W) Kenny Porter (A) Miguel Mendonca

It’s Robin versus Robin versus Nightmare Robins? When the two Bat-brothers get taken into the Nightmare Realm, Jason Todd and Tim Drake must fight against their worst fears and each other as they’re forced to relive the darkest moments of their lives.




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