We are excited that The Flash on the CW is returning for Season 4! Check out the above video where My Comic Universe’s Brandon goes over some of the powers we would like to see from Barry this season on The Flash. Even though this show does an amazing job of showing off new powers, there are still some powers from the comics we haven’t see in the show yet. With the way Season 3 ended, we are expecting some new powers to show up.

*Spoiler from Season 3 and small spoiler on Season 4 Episode 1 below *

We left off Season 3 with Barry sacrificing himself to the speed force. We are going to see Barry return in the first episode, but there will be a slow play on the effects it will have on him.

After being in the speed force for that amount of time, Barry will hopefully develop his powers more. We are hoping he will become a more experienced speedster this season. In the above video we speculate on the new powers from the comics we hope to see this season.

Thanks for watching our video and checking out our website! Let us know below in the comments what powers you want to see on this new season of The Flash.

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