There seems to be a lot going on in the new chapter of The Immortal Hulk. We here at My Comic Universe have been reading since the start of the series and it’s easily one of the best comics on the shelf at your local comic book shop. If this series isn’t on your pull list, we highly recommend picking up the trades of past volumes to catch up!

Join hosts Brandon and Brian as we discuss the Abomination story arc in the best Hulk series to date.

The Immortal Hulk – Talks Comics!

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Issues #16-17

Issue 16 starts the new story arc Abomination, we start off at Shadow Base Site B – Location Unknown, which is where they have Rick Jones body. Hulk and Sampson are investigating Shadow Site A looking for Rick Jones, however, this is a trap. There are gamma monsters waiting for them.

Meanwhile, back at Shadow site B, they are experimenting on Rick Jones.

We are then taken back to California, at Betty Ross Banner’s house, with the giant hole in the side of the house. The reporter, Ms McGee is questioning if the Hulk is involved. Possibly also murdered Betty, but off the record the cops told her they didn’t think the Hulk did it. Also, whatever caused the whole in the wall is who is involved with the blood and brain matter found in the house.

The cop then reveals a feather that was left behind, and we see a female monster lurking in the tree.

We then cut back to Hulk and Sampson fighting the gamma monsters and then the hulk realizes this whole thing was a distraction.
They are then attacked by a soldier, General Reggie with Gamma Emitters, which is UV Radiation and Visible light, which causes the Hulk to transform back into Bruce Banner. Bruce then says “I’m awake? Its night… should be his time.” Which again shows how this version of the hulk is different than other versions we have seen, especially in the movies.

Samson is shot and shortly after Bruce is shot then runs away. We then see a different look in Bruce’s eye and he says “I ain’t Bruce Banner” and below we see the text “It’s Joe.”

Issue 17 starts off at Shadow Base Site B where government agents General Fortean, Agent Burbank and others are watching the fight happening at Shadow Base Site A from the last issue.

Bruce, or Joe, then attacks Reggie with radioactive ants that were near him. He then punches Reggie which seems like punching a brick wall. Reggie’s hand turns into a gun and we find out he is a cyborg, made of super tough plastic.

As Reggie is attacking, Bruce fights back and say’s “Its Joe” and he takes Reggie down and runs away.

The agents watching the fight hear him say Joe and start looking back at his days as the Grey Hulk, Joe Fixit. Bruce then breaks through a glass window and accesses a computer, but is shortly attacked by General Reggie as he shoots Joe multiple times.
As Joe is faking his death, he then attacks Reggie as he comes near him and he says “I like figuring stuff out. Like ways to hurt people” as his eyes turn green!

On the next page we see the emitters intensify to the point it is emitting Gamma Radiation and he transforms into the Hulk. Then at the end of the issue we finally see the reveal of Abomination.

Issues #18-20

As our story continues, we jump 8 days into the future. Joe is still on the run. He awakes in cab, which is heading to a motel. Piecing back the past, Joe finds a clue that Banner left behind. He is dropped off at his motel. The Abomination is close on his trail. Meanwhile, Jackie McGee investigates further into Betty’s Banner’s disappearance in California. She explores the wrecked home and Hulk size hole in the side of the house. During her investigation she is confronted by the transformed Betty Banner.

Suddenly, the Abomination attacks the motel where Joe is staying. He changes into Hulk and takes on the Abomination. He begins countering his attacks, matching him blow for blow. During the battle, Hulk begins questioning the monster. He then finds out that Rick Jones body is trapped within this Abomination.

The battle rages between the two monsters. The Hulk struggles to hold the monster off. Suddenly The Hulk has the monsters pinned. Until, The Abomination begins regurgitating acid on the hulk. Arriving on the scene is the newly transformed Betty Banner and Jackie McGee. Immediately Betty lunges and attacks The Hulk. Screaming out in pain, The Hulk cries for Betty’s Help. But she continues to claw and rips his heart from his chest. Silencing The Hulks heartbeat.

As the story continues, we find our hero clinging to life. After a moment where we see a montage of flashbacks revealing Bruce, Joe and the Hulks inner dialogue. The Hulk begins to regenerate. Able to regenerate himself once again to full strength. The Hulk and the newly transformed Betty turn their focus on the Abomination, attacking him in tandem. Being able to catch the Abomination off guard. Betty was able to hold him mid air, attack then dropping The Abomination. Rendering the monster unconscious. After the battle, Hulk, Betty and Jackie discuss the close call the Hulk had. Their short victory is interrupted when the General’s clean up team returns with additional daylight emitters. The Hulk rips Rick Jones body from the abomination. Leaving only a husk of the monsters remains. Three flea the scene before the recovery team can arrive.

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The Immortal Hulk Collectibles

These are the most sought after books in the comic series, so far. Collectors may want to keep an eye out for these issues and variants.

Writer/ Artist(s): Al Ewing, Joe Bennett, Alex Ross

Issue #: 1

Raw: $15-$20

Graded (CGC 9.8-9.6 average): $150-$225

Graded (CGC 9.4-9.0 average): $130

Summary: The first issue of the series.



Writer/ Artist(s): Al Ewing, Joe Bennett, Alex Ross

Issue #: 2A

Raw: $60-$75

Graded (CGC 9.8-9.6 average):

Graded (CGC 9.4-9.0 average):

Summary: First Appearance of Doctor Fry. 


Writer/ Artist(s): Al Ewing, Joe Bennett, Gerardo Zaffino

Issue #: 2B

Raw: $120-$175

Graded (CGC 9.8 average): $250+

Graded (CGC 9.4-9.0 average):

Summary: 1:25 variant, First Appearance of Doctor Fry. 


Writer/ Artist(s): Al Ewing, Joe Bennett, Alex Ross

Issue #: 3

Raw: $12-$15

Graded (CGC 9.8 average): $

Graded (CGC 9.4-9.0 average):

Summary: Second Appearance of Doctor Fry


Writer/ Artist(s): Al Ewing, Joe Bennett, Alex Ross

Issue #: 14

Raw: $10-$12

Graded (CGC 9.8 average): $45-$75


Writer/ Artist(s): Al Ewing, Joe Bennett, Alex Ross

Issue #: 16B

Raw: $35-$45

Graded (CGC 9.8 average): $285+

Summary: 1:25 variant, Return of Rick Jones.

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