Welcome back to another episode of Popcorn Feed here My Comic Universe. Join Hosts Steve and Brian as they discuss the New Releases for the month, movie news and see what movie is their top pick for the month of September! Also Check out our new movie release list to keep you up to date on this months theatrical and home entertainment releases.

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New Releases September

The first film worth mentioning is The Goldfinch (Sept. 13th, 2019). This film tells the story of a young man (Theodore Decker) who was only 13 when his mother was killed in the bombing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The film explores the effects this tragedy has on the course of Theodore’s life and revolves around the one tangible piece of evidence from that day that gives Theodore hope – a painting of a tiny bird chained to its perch.
If it’s Action you want, we also have Running With The Devil (Sept. 13th, 2019) coming out. Running With The Devil stars Nicolas Cage and Laurence Fishburne and is about a tenacious federal agent hot on the trail of a group of experienced cocaine dealers.
Another film that’s sure to be action packed is Rambo: Last Blood (Sept. 20th, 2019). This marks the final chapter in the series that made John Rambo one of the greatest action heroes of all time. When his friends daughter is kidnapped, Rambo must cross the US-Mexico Border to bring her home, but soon finds himself facing one of Mexico’s deadliest cartels.
You can find a more family friendly option in theaters at the end of the month when Abominable (Sept. 27th, 1019) comes out. Abominable is an animated film about a teen and her friends embarking on an epic quest to reunite a Yeti with his family.


Pick for the Month – It Chapter 2 (2019)

Earlier this month we finally got a chance to see It Chapter 2, the sequel to the highly successful 2017 film It, directed by Andy Muschietti. Andy Muschietti returns to the directors chair for the sequel along with a stellar cast to play the Losers Club all grown up. It’s been 27 years since their last encounter with Pennywise the Clown. The Losers Club have all grown up and moved away, until an unexpected phone call brings them back to Derry.
The beginning of the film starts with a brutal hate crime which has come under criticism for going too far. I read comments online from people saying it detracted from the rest of the film. I agree the scene was very difficult to watch, but at the same time I know this is a topic that King explores throughout his different works. King has always explored the relationship between bullies and their victims, and in many ways I think he does this because he likes to tell stories about people who find the strength to stand up to this kind of hatred. I think he also makes it a point to show people what’s lost when we stand by and let evil run unchecked.
It’s this hate crime however that is the inciting incident that reunites the Losers Club. Mike Hanlon is the only one who stayed behind in Derry and is called to the scene of the crime where he sees unmistakable proof that Pennywise has returned. Mike then calls on his friends to come back to Derry to face the situation and put an end to Pennywise. In the 27 years since they left, each of the Losers has forgotten their past. Once they return to Derry, their memories start to come back and in order to defeat Pennywise, they must each embark on their own individual journeys to find something from their past that each of them has forgotten.
Jessica Chastain – Beverly Marsh
James McAvoy – Bill Denbrough
Bill Hader – Richie Tozier
Isaiah Mustafa- Mike Hanlon
Jay Ryan – Ben Hanscom
James Ransone – Eddie Kaspbrak
Andy Bean – Stanley Uris

Total Lifetime Grosses

Domestic:  $179,165,563    49.9%
Foreign:  $179,700,000    50.1%

Worldwide:  $358,865,563


Movie News

American Gods Season 3

The third season of Starz Original series American Gods adds Musician and actor, Marilyn Manson. Created by author and show runner Neil Gaiman. The old world gods face off against new world gods. Mason joins the cast with Ian McShane, Emily Browning, Ricky Whittle, Crispin Glover.


Netflix Weekly Episodes

The popular streaming titan is looking to experiment with releasing their content on a weekly basis, over a one time drop. The plan is to roll the new weekly release structure starting in the month of October.


Disney +

Currently, the streaming service is available internationally. However it is not yet available domestically (US). The streaming service will include the newly announced Marvel Tv series. Such as Moon Knight, She Hulk, Ms Marvel, to name a few. The service will also offer some of the best Marvel animated content, including the 90s X-Men and 90s Spiderman tv series.


HBO – Big Bang Theory

HBO streaming is merging with Warner media. The Home Box office streaming service will include all the episodes of CBS’s huge success, The Big Bang Theory.


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