With last week’s new comic book day we got our second one-shot for Dark Days, ‘The Casting’. Check out My Comic Universe’s non-spoiler video above talking briefly about the two Dark Days one-shots ‘The Forge’ and ‘The Casting’.

**Some Spoilers below**

One of our favorite Easter eggs from ‘The Casting’ was this version of the Batwing is the same as Batman: The Animated Series. With ‘The Forge’ and ‘The Casting’ one-shots complete, we are very excited for what has been laid out so far with Hawkman, Batman and Green Lantern. All of this is leading up to the DC series Dark Nights: Metal, with the amazing writer/artist duo Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. Back together after their great run on the New 52 Batman comic series.

With Metal coming out next month, stayed tuned for our next DC video where we will let you know about midnight exclusives, variants, and updates on the mystery of the Dark Multiverse!

Let us know in the comments and on Instagram what you thought of the Dark Days one-shots and if you are excited for whats to come with Metal!