At first glance, a lot of people don’t think that there could possibly be much to collecting Funko products. But it’s not just some toy you can walk into any store and pick up; not all of them at least! We here at My Comic Universe want you to know everything there is to know about collecting these amazing figures!

MCU’s Travis steps back into The Funko Room and continues his Funko Tips and Tricks series with Episode 1: The Basics. This episode covers the history of the Funko Pop, with their original introduction as Funko Force 2.0, product information, common terminology you will encounter and a couple of basic tips and pointers for beginning collectors.

We here at My Comic Universe hope you enjoy this video! Please keep an eye out for Episode 2: Hunting, which will be coming soon! We would love to hear your thoughts on this episode as well as any possible suggestions you may have for what we should be doing around here! Please comment, subscribe, like, share and all of that good stuff!

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