Come one, come all! Funko Fair is upon us!

Legends tell of a time before Covid — when toy companies from near and far would gather in one place to showcase their up and coming products. This wondrous event was known as Toy Fair. We know… that sounds absolutely insane, right?

With the current need for social distancing and the cancellation of in-person events for the foreseeable future, we collectors must now rely on virtual events to fill the void. Making the best of a bad situation, Funko is continuing the Toy Fair tradition in the form of Funko Fair 2021! A 9-day virtual event packed with reveals of some of their most anticipated products from a wide range of popular licenses, which will release throughout the year. As the announcements roll out, most items will become available for pre-order through various retailers. We’ll do our best to provide you with valid links for each reveal.

Funko Fair 2021 day 1 Funko Toy Fair Announcements Reveals Opening Day 1 Get your ticket ready and step right up, it’s Opening Day at Funko Fair!

The start of Opening Day here at the Funko Fair is loaded to the Sarlacc’s teeth with Star Wars products!

Funko Toy Fair Star Wars Pop! Keychains preorder Luke Skywalker Leia Han Solo Chewbacca Chewy C-3P0 R2-D2 Darth Vader Stormtrooper Boba Fett Yoda

Star Wars Pop! Keychains

Luke Skywalker Pop! Keychain

Princess Leia Pop! Keychain

Han Solo Pop! Keychain

Chewbacca Pop! Keychain

C-3PO Pop! Keychain

Darth Vader Pop! Keychain

Stormtrooper Pop! Keychain

Boba Fett Pop! Keychain

Yoda Pop! Keychain

R2-D2 Pop! Keychain

Funko Toy Fair Star Wars Mandalorian Pop! Keychain Preorder IG-11 Mando Din Djarin Moff Gideon Baby Yoda Child Grogu

Mandalorian Pop! Keychains

IG-11 Pop! Keychain

Mandalorian Pop! Keychain

Mandalorian (Jet Pack) Pop! Keychain

Moff Gideon Pop! Keychain

The Child (In Pram) Pop! Keychain

The Child Pop! Keychain

The Child (with Cup) Pop! Keychain

Funko Toy Fair Star Wars Luke Skywalker Pop! & Pin combo Amazon Exclusive

Luke Skywalker Pop! & Pin combo (Amazon Exclusive)

Funko Toy Fair Star Wars Mandalorian Mystery Mini Preorder Grogu Child Baby Yoda Mando Din Djarin Moff Gideon IG-11 Cara Dune Greef Karga Incinerator Trooper

Mandalorian Mystery Minis

Funko Toy Fair Star Wars Pop! Pin Chance of Chase Preorder Lando Calrissian Princess Leia Boushh Jabba Hutt Han Solo Carbonite

Star Wars Pop! Pins

Han Solo (In Carbonite) Pop! Pin

Lando Calrissian (Skiff Guard Disguise) Pop! Pin

Princess Leia (Boushh Disguise) Pop! Pin

Jabba the Hutt (with Chance of Chase) Pop! Pin

Funko Toy Fair Star Wars Valentines Day Pop! Preorder Yoda R2-D2 Darth Vader Stormtrooper Chewbacca Chewy

Star Wars Valentine’s Pops

Yoda Valentine’s Pop!

R2-D2 Valentine’s Pop! (Funko-Shop Exclusive)

Darth Vader Valentine’s Pop!

Stormtrooper Valentine’s Pop!

Chewbacca Valentine’s Pop!

Funko Toy Fair Star Wars Rise of Skywalker Pop! Preorder 10 inch Babu Frik Rey Kylo Ren Emperor Palpatine Darth Sidious

Rise of Skywalker Pops

Rey (with Yellow Lightsaber) Pop!

Rey (with both Skywalker Lightsabers) Pop!

Babu Frik 10″ Pop!

Revitalized Palpatine Pop!

Ben Solo (Blue Lightsaber) Pop!

Next on our lineup are some new additions to the Harry Potter line.

Patronus (Dumbledore) Funko Pop!

Patronus (Snape) Funko Pop!

Our next attraction today reveals some tasty new Funko Soda figures!


Funko Toy Fair My Hero Academia All Might Soda Chance of Glow in the Dark Chase Preorder

All Might Funko Soda (Chance at Glow Chase)

Funko Toy Fair Beetlejuice Soda Chance of Wedding Chase Preorder

Beetlejuice (Chance at Wedding Chase)

Funko Toy Fair Scooby Doo Werewolf Soda Chance of Glow in the Dark Chase Preorder

Werewolf (from Scooby Doo) (Chance at Glow Chase)

Last, but certainly not least, our next attraction features some Funko originals.

Paka Paka – Soda Cats Plushes

Paka Paka – Kawaii Village Fish Tee Shirt (Gamestop Exclusive)

Paka Paka – Kawaii Village Cat Tee Shirt (Gamestop Exclusive)

Paka Paka – Munchies Camp Fire Tee Shirts (Gamestop Exclusive)

Paka Paka – Munchies Artic Pool Tee Shirts (Gamestop Exclusive)

Paka Paka – Soup Troop Sing Tee Shirts (Gamestop Exclusive)

Paka Paka – Soup Troop Selfie Tee Shirts (Gamestop Exclusive)

That brings us to the end of today’s reveals for the Opening Day of Funko Fair! This is only the beginning though. Come back tomorrow for another thrilling day of reveals! The theme for Day 2 of Funko Fair is one of our favorites: Anime!

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