We may be a little late on E3, but we are still very excited for the new Spider-man game coming out next year exclusively for the PS4!

Some great game-play footage was released during E3 (some game-play can be seen in the above video). The game-play footage showed us some characters we can expect to see in the game. This is also an open-world game where you can openly explore, which will be a little more like the Arkham Asylum games.

During San Diego Comic Con 2017, Marvel revealed that all of the concept art that has been shown so far will all lead up to playable scenes in the game. We at My Comic Universe can’t wait to play this subway scene with Mr. Negative (see below picture).

Check out the video on top for more details on this amazing game and let us know in the comments, and on FB and Instagram what you think about this game, and if the E3 game-play got you excited for this! We also want to know if you plan on pre-ordering this game.