Hey True Believers! Welcome to Episode 4 of My Comic Universe: Talks Comics! This episode will be completely dedicated to Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con 2017!

We are so excited for this con, check out the above video where MCU‘s Brian and Brandon go over all the exclusives, and talk about some of the artists and writers we are excited to see. We also let you know some of the books worth getting signed this weekend!

Along with the amazing artists and writers this weekend, there is going to be a ton of exclusives, both comics and pops. On this episode we have a special guest! MCU’s Travis from The Funko Room will go over the top Funko exclusives at Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con 2017.

Make sure to also watch out for our new Collections Series, where we go over some of the newest additions to our collections! Coming soon…

Thanks for watching our videos and checking out our website! Be sure to comment below and let us know what exclusives you want from this years LA Comic Con! Also, let us know what books you would get signed.

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