Flash War from DC Comics has been one of the best comic book story-lines from the new Rebirth series. If you haven’t been reading Joshua Williamson’s run of the Flash, you are truly missing out. Now that Flash War has ended, and we are now heading into an even crazier crisis, we definitely wanted to talk about The Flash on this episode of Talks Comics!

Talks Comics #12 – Flash War Conclusion

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Flash War Conclusion – DC Comics

Flash War has now ended and it definitely ended differently than we expected. We are now heading into a new CRISIS event. We start the video off briefly going over what we discussed on the previous Flash War episode of Talks Comics!

flash war conclusion dc comics

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Wally has a lot at stake as well, he is now remembering his children. Even if there is a possibility that he can bring his children back, he would do anything possible to do it. Then we have Barry who is trying to hold him back. It’s hard for Barry to believe something like Hunter Zoloman, so he tries to stop Wally. This leads to Hunter getting speed powers and we have this awesome battle between Hunter, Barry and Wally.

flash war conclusion dc comics

This is also leading to a new DC Comics Crisis event, that promises someone will die in the beginning. Unfortunately, we here at My Comic Universe are very nervous that Wally West will die in this crisis event. Now this is not a fact, and we are just guessing here. But it’s not looking good for Wally as he is definitely one of the potential heroes to get killed.

We also discuss so much more on the Flash War so make sure to watch Episode #12 of Talks Comics above.

Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards

Along with the end of the Flash War we also discuss the Eisner Awards from this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

flash war conclusion dc comics eisner awards

Here is a brief explanation of the Eisner Awards from Wikipedia:

The Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards, commonly shortened to the Eisner Awards, are prizes given for creative achievement in American comic books, sometimes referred to as the comics industry’s equivalent of the Academy Awards.

Comic Book Recommendation

Of course we couldn’t end the episode without giving out our comic book recommendation! The recommendation for this episode is The Sheriff of Babylon from DC/Vertigo. Written by former CIA officer and current Batman writer Tom King. With art by the great Mitch Gerads.

flash war conclusion dc comics eisner awards

Here is a brief synopsis for The Sheriff of Babylon:

The story follows an American cop-turned-military consultant (Chris Henry) as he attempts to solve the murder of one of his Iraqi police recruits.

Amazon: Click here to purchase The Sheriff of Babylon, vol. 1 on Amazon (opens in a new window)

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