Flash War has been one of the best Flash stories we have read and we are loving Joshua Williamson’s run on the Flash! The Flash War and been building up all the way since Wally West returned in the DC Rebirth Special!

flash war dc rebirth comics

Every story arc has led to this moment of Flash vs. Flash, Wally vs. Barry. However, it’s not just Wally and Barry, we also have Reverse Flash and Professor Zoom. They are pulling the strings and setting the stage for this conflict!

If you have been keeping up with the Flash series so far, then you know how much has been going into this story and how long the buildup as been. This story gives us a glimpse of what has happened to Wally’s past and how he fits into the current DC Universe. If you haven’t been keeping up with the Flash, we think you will still be able to read this story and not been too lost. However, we definitely recommend catching up on the previous story arcs.

Flash War – DC Rebirth

Check out episode 10 of Talks Comics! where we talk about the beginning of Flash War as well as the lead up to this main story arc that finished up in Flash #50.

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Comic Book Recommendation

flash war dc rebirth comics

The comic book recommendation for this episode of Talks Comics! is Rogue War! from the Geoff Johns run of the Flash.

This is a great story to get to you ready for this Flash War story. It is not connected to Flash War, but its a great Wally West story. The Rogues are going to war with each other and the Flash gets caught in the middle. We wanted to pick out a fun Wally West story for you all to ready since we know there are a ton of Wally fans out there!

flash war dc rebirth comics

Amazon: Click here to buy Rogue War from Geoff Johns on Amazon – opens in a new window!

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