San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) is next week and we can’t wait! We are now in the middle of con season, so it seems like cons are happening every weekend. We wanted to share some comic-con tips for first time attendees, and really just anyone going to a con. These are great tips for any comic convention, not just SDCC.

  1. Cash – This is a very important part of going to a con. Our first con we didn’t have cash and it was cash only for a Stan Lee signing. It was a nightmare going around the city looking for an ATM to avoid the charges of getting cash at the con. A lot of vendors will accept credit cards through a square reader. However, sometimes cons will have terrible service and the credit card transaction won’t go through. This is where the cash comes in. You can usually work out a better deal with a vendor by offering to pay cash. Remember, it is often very expensive for vendors to get a booth at a con, so they want to make those deals!

comic-con tips sdcc san diego comic con

  1. Storage – Bringing your own books, collectibles, toys, etc. could make your convention experience a lot more stressful. Keeping your items and signed books in tip top condition can more difficult in an already stressful environment. But there are affordable options for transporting your comics. Shipping boxes, folders, shoe boxes, etc. Also get creative and come up with your own means, it’s a good way to get recognized for your own style or artist abilities. Cons can get very crowded, especially on Saturdays. If you plan on getting something at the con, be prepared on how you will store and protect it through the day.

comic-con tips sdcc san diego comic con

comic-con tips sdcc san diego comic con

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  1. Protection – Bringing additional cases, bags and boards. Foldable cases for Funko’s, statues, prints, etc. It is very rare that any vendors have protection or supply for sale, so bring some with. Sometimes comics will come without a bag and board, even exclusives. Bringing extra bags and boards is always a good idea. If you plan on getting a Funko Pop! then you may want to bring a soft or hard case to protect the box from getting damaged. There are also great containers for posters or prints from the various artists and vendors around the con.

comic-con tips sdcc san diego comic con comic-con tips sdcc san diego comic con

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  1. Signing Markers/ Sharpie – Majority of the guests with booths will have plenty of pens/ markers/ sharpies to sign your books and other memorabilia. There can be times when your item will look more presentable having a signature in a particular color. It is good to bring some of your own pens/ markers/ sharpie’s/etc. Plus, you never know who you may run into on the show floor. comic-con tips sdcc san diego comic con Sometimes artists and writers will sign something during a panel or when you bump into then somewhere in the con. It happens more than you may think. Having something like a marker or sharpie can make the difference between getting a signature or not. You definitely don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to get a signature at a con!

comic-con tips sdcc san diego comic con

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  1. Lanyard – Popular with some of the larger conventions. Your badge purchase, usually includes a lanyard or pin to attach your pass to oneself. However, this is becoming less of an option at some medium to smaller end conventions. So, bring an extra lanyard from a previous convention or event.

comic-con tips sdcc san diego comic con

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  1. Social Media – The most useful tool at your disposal. Keeping up with current groups and event pages can really make the experience more enjoyable. So, you can find more information from other convention attendees over the actual hired staff. Also, being able to get information about guest signing times, panels, signature fees, grading fees, news, etc. is very useful when at a convention.

comic-con tips sdcc san diego comic con

  1. Update Apps – Make sure you update your important apps before reaching the show floor. Sometimes the Wi-Fi can be difficult in a busy environment. A lot of cons will have their own apps with tons of information on guests, signings, panels and more. You can usually get a map of the convention as well as information on exclusives. Cons will usually have a printed-out booklet with this information as well, but make sure you get one early as they sometimes run out.

comic-con tips sdcc san diego comic con

  1. Phone Charger/ External Battery – The lack of battery power for your phone is a common issue when attending a convention. Often, you won’t be able to find a place to plug in your phone due to limited amounts of wall plugs or other people taking them up. Also, you don’t want to sit next to your phone for an hour while it charges. So bring a charger just in case, but we really recommend an external/portable battery for your phone. There are affordable external batteries or power banks that can be purchased to help you out there. Even some solar panel options as well.

comic-con tips sdcc san diego comic con  comic-con tips sdcc san diego comic con

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  1. Gum/ Mints – Being in close proximity to others body order can reach its pinnacle. So, save others from your food truck Mac N Cheese or Garlic Curry Fries breath. So, throw them in your pack!

comic-con tips sdcc san diego comic con

  1. Hand sanitizer – Keep those hands fresh and clean. So, throw a small bottle in your bag for the day and thank us later.

comic-con tips sdcc san diego comic con

  1. Paper Towels/ Toilet Paper – The restrooms at a convention can be crowded. So, it’s less likely the maintenance crew will fight through the people to try and keep the restrooms stocked. Bring a small zip lock bag of some personal/ tissue paper.

comic-con tips sdcc san diego comic con

  1. Food/ Drinks – Food/ Drinks can be pricey at a convention. Plus, the selection is limited. Number one issue people tend to forget is to consume water (stay hydrated people!) So, bring a bottle with you, there are plenty of water fountains or water stations available at some of the larger scaled conventions. When lunchtime rolls around, a quick check in the area can help find some affordable places to eat. You would be surprised at how many times you find a great place just around the corner.

comic-con tips sdcc san diego comic con

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