Welcome to this week’s exciting showcase of comic book releases sweeping across the realms of DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, and IDW. From the captivating complexities of DC’s multiverse to the bold, boundary-pushing tales from Image, prepare to immerse yourself in a world where iconic characters are reborn, and new legends are made. Let’s explore further into these spellbinding sagas and new releases.

New Comic Book Recommendations | October 11, 2023


Batman And Robin #2

(W) Joshua Williamson (A) Simone Di Meo

INTRODUCING A NEW VILLAIN: SHUSH! Introducing Shush. Who does she work for? And how have they turned one of Batman’s greatest tools against him? Urban Jungle continues as the father and son dynamic duo are on the deadly case! But first, Damian must deal with…his first day of school?!







Batman City of Madness #1

(W/A) Christian Ward

Buried deep beneath Gotham City there exists another Gotham. This Gotham Below is a living nightmare, populated by twisted mirrors of our Gotham’s denizens, fueled by the fear and hatred flowing down from above. For decades, the doorway between the cities has been sealed and heavily guarded by the Court of Owls. But now the door swings wide, and the twisted version of the Dark Knight has escaped…to trap and train a Robin of his own. Batman must form an uneasy alliance with the Court and its deadly allies to stop him–and to hold back the wave of twisted super-villains, nightmarish versions of his own nemeses, each one worse than the last, that’s spilling into his streets! Visionary writer-artist Christian Ward unleashes his cosmic-horror take on Batman’s world, in a tribute to disturbing Dark Knight classics like Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Gothic! You’ll never look at Batman’s villains the same way again…you simply won’t have the stomach for it!




Danger Streets #10

(W) Tom King (A) Jorge Fornes

All the pieces come together as the Commodore finds his new knight, the Creeper, just in time for the Outsiders to storm his castle. Will he survive their wrath? Meanwhile, Lady Cop comes steps closer to solving the mystery of the golden Helmet of Fate as the Dingbats set their plans in motion to resurrect one of their own. And they’re willing to bring down the entire world in the process!






Green Lantern #4

(W) Jeremy Adams & Peter J. Tomasi (A) Xermanico & Daniel Lafuente

GUEST-STARRING THE FLASH! NEW CHARACTER DEBUT: SINSON! After Sinestro’s attack on Ferris Air, Hal calls in a fast friend for help. This brave and bold duo comes one step closer to uncovering the mystery of Sinestro’s plans, all while Hal continues to figure out what it means to be the only Green Lantern on Earth! PLUS: Meet the all-new character SINSON, in the first installment of a prelude story the to upcoming Sinister Sons by Peter J. Tomasi and David Lafuente!






Superman: Lost #7

(W) Christopher Priest (A) HiiKariin & Lee Weeks

Superman is confronted with the specter of his own possible future when his way home is blocked by an alternate version of himself. Meanwhile, Lois employs the nuclear option to help Clark out of his malaise by making a deal with the devil–Lex Luthor!






Wesley Dodds The Sandman #1

(W) Robert Vanditti (A) Riley Rossmo

THE GOLDEN AGE SANDMAN RETURNS IN A NEW NOIR MYSTERY! No one escapes the Sandman’s dark dreams, not even Wesley Dodds himself. After years of testing and experimentation, Wesley perfected his sleep gas as the optimal weapon to fight crime without causing undue harm. But when his journal detailing all his failed and far more deadly formulas is stolen, the Sandman must hunt down the thief and the people in the shadows pulling the strings before the contents of the journal are released!





World’s Finest Teen Titans #4

(W) Mark Waid (A) Dan Mora

BREAKING UP IS SUPER HARD TO DO! America’s sweetest situationship breaks hearts–including Aqualad’s and Wonder Girl’s own!–when Garth realizes a part of him isn’t fully in it with Donna. To heal the wounds, Wally invites Garth and Roy to a sleepover at his folks’ home, where Aqualad opens up about his fluid sexuality. Meanwhile, Mal assists Bumblebee in an unexpected battle, giving him a taste of the Teen Titan he could be…







Avengers #6

(W) Jed Mackay (A) Ivan Fiorelli

The Avengers’ battle with the Ashen Combine comes to a head – and one will fall. But will the Impossible City fall with them, and what kind of doom might fall upon the Earth as a consequence? Plus: A bonus story celebrating Latin/Latinx heroes and creators!






Magneto #3

(W) JM Dematteis (A) Todd Nauk

Meet the ALL-NEW SISTERHOOD OF EVIL MUTANTS, as MAGNETO must wrestle with the sins of his past! What is the true source of IRAE’s obsession with the Master of Magnetism, and how does it figure into X-MEN history?






MoonKnight City of the Dead #4

(W) David Pepose (A) Marcello Ferreria

Nothing is more feared in the City of the Dead than the ancient crocodile goddess known as AMMUT THE DEVOURER. Unfortunately for Marc Spector, he is currently being digested inside Ammut’s belly, memory by memory. Can Moon Knight survive the weight of his own horrific past, or will the JACKAL KNIGHT rule triumphant across the realms of both the living and the dead? All hope may be lost… That is unless the SCARLET SCARAB has anything to say about it!






The Superior Spider-Man Returns #1


The spider-team that redefined the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN returns to celebrate the TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the most monumental and shocking Spidey story in a generation! DAN SLOTT. RYAN STEGMAN. MARK BAGLEY. GIUSEPPE CAMUNCOLI. HUMBERTO RAMOS. Peter Parker. Doc Ock. Together again for a Spider-Man story SUPERIOR to all others!





Wolverine #38

(W) Ben Percy (A) Juan Joe Ryp

You know those old friends, the ones that go way, way back who you can always rely on? That’s STEVE ROGERS to LOGAN, whose friendship goes back to WORLD WAR II! It only stands to reason that as WOLVERINE faces the fallout from FALL OF X, that CAPTAIN AMERICA has his six! But as ORCHIS rises and LEGACY HOUSE takes advantage of the situation, who will fall? LAST MUTANT STANDING continues!





X-Men Red #16

(W) Al Ewing (A) Yildary Cinar

The Four Horsemen ride across the land. Daemon armies sweep through the skies. The Spire Vile is open. As Genesis launches her endgame, Storm and the Brotherhood fight for their lives across the Red Planet…and somewhere, the last Okkara Seed blooms. The Revelation is here. Plus: You’re not going to want to miss out on an all-new bonus story celebrating Latin/Latinx heroes and creators!






Creepshow #2

(W) Michael Walsh & Dan Watters (A) Abigail Larson

“CREEPSHOW is back with two more terrifying tales!
First, MICHAEL WALSH (THE SILVER COIN) broadcasts a chilling yarn about a down-on-his-luck dad and his son’s obsession with TV in “”The Man With No Eyes””!
Then, DAN WATTERS (HOMESICK PILOTS, Arkham City) and Hugo Award-winning illustrator ABIGAIL LARSON (Sandman Universe: The Dreaming) will render you speechless with the story of a young woman burdened and the price she’ll pay for silence in “”Stop Haunting Me””!”





Midlife #1

(W) Brian Buccellaton (A) Stefano Simeone

RUBEN KWAN is a 50-year-old firefighter who’s been afraid of fire his whole life. Instead of running into burning buildings, he pushes papers, living in the shadow of his father-who died a hero on the job. After 25 years in the LAFD, he’s firmly in the middle of an unremarkable life…until his new wife gets pregnant and a random act of courage reveals that Ruben is FIREPROOF!
New York Times-bestselling writer BRIAN BUCCELLATO (NO/ONE, The Flash, Chicken Devil) teams up with star artist STEFANO SIMEONE (THE LAST DAYS OF BLACK HAMMER, RADIANT BLACK) to tell the totally relatable (sometimes cringey) story of a middle-aged dad who’s about to find out that his new powers have major strings attached.




Star Signs #5

(W) Saladin Ahmed (A) Megan Levens

With half the Starsigns now revealed, Derek Duke makes his move against Rana and the others and one of their number will pay the ultimate price.
A dark new turn to the modern fantasy series by SALADIN AHMED and MEGAN LEVENS.








The Scorched #22

(W) Sean Lewis (A) Stephan Segovia

The Scorched team battles for their lives against Terminus and the Planet Eaters with the fate of the world hanging in the balance.



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Saturday Morning Adventures #1

(W) Erik Burnham (A) Sarah Myer & Dan Schoening

As Halloween approaches, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles must face their fears when a powerful and mysterious being challenges them to prove their mettle in a nightmarish test of bravery. Meanwhile, Shredder has an otherworldly encounter of his own when he summons an ancient spirit to gain a greater understanding of the powerful weapon he seeks to reforge… only to discover that some forces are beyond even his control. Don’t miss this double-sized, spooky special of Saturday Morning Adventures!





Best Pick Up from Last Week | October 04, 2023

Transformers #1

(W) Daniel Warren Johnson (A) Mike Spicer & Daniel Warren Johnson

Superstar creator DANIEL WARREN JOHNSON (DO A POWERBOMB, Wonder Woman: Dead Earth), alongside ENERGON UNIVERSE showrunner ROBERT KIRKMAN (VOID RIVALS, INVINCIBLE), reimagines Hasbro’s robots in disguise for a brand-new generation.
Optimus Prime was supposed to have led the Autobots to victory. Instead, the fate of Cybertron is unknown, and his allies have crash-landed far from home, alongside their enemies-the Decepticons.
As these titanic forces renew their war on Earth, one thing is immediately clear: the planet will never be the same. New alliances are struck. Battle lines are redrawn. And humanity’s only hope of survival is Optimus Prime.
Discover THE TRANSFORMERS like you’ve never seen them before!



Graphic Novel/ Trade Paperback Recommendation


Beta Ray Bill: Argent Star

(W/A) Daniel Warren Johnson

The second-most famous wielder of Mjolnir! Beta Ray Bill is tired of life in Thor’s shadow — and with Bill’s own mighty hammer, Stormbreaker, recently destroyed at the thunder god’s hands, Bill finds himself at a crossroads. The Korbinite must strike out in search of his destiny — assuming he can first defeat a Knullified Fin Fang Foom! Bill begins a hunt for Odin in hopes of resurrecting his golden weapon — but Stormbreaker is never coming back. Nonetheless, there is one place where Beta Ray Bill could restore his full powers. The All-Father of Nothing offers the Korbinite a path to immortality — but at a price not even a god can afford! Who will join Bill on a dangerous and deadly cosmic quest? Collecting BETA RAY BILL #1-5.




Amazon: Click Here To Buy The Graphic Novel Trade Paperback Beta Ray Bill Argent Star on Amazon 


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