Welcome! This episode of Talks Comics! is all about the Image Comics series Gideon Falls. That’s right, we are covering another story arc from this amazing series from writer Jeff Lemire and artist Andrea Sorrentino. Gideon Falls Volume 4 covers issues #17-21. Father Wilfred, Norton, Dr. Xu, Sheriff Clara, and the other characters are all scattered between different dimensions. We come to the final confrontation with the Laughing Man. Our talks comics hosts Brandon and Brian discuss The Pentoculus storyline.

Fun Fact: Gideon Falls is the winner of the 2019 Eisner Award for Best New Series!


Issues #17-21

Since the last chapter, space and time have shifted for all our characters. Norton and Clara are trapped in Gideon Falls with a murderous psychopath possessed by the laughing man. Meanwhile, Father Fred and Angie confront Bishop Burke in the city of Gideon Falls. The Bishop reveals the secrets of “The Pentoculus Machine”. And what will happen when The Ploughman finally answers the call to come face to face with the devil himself.

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Jeff Lemire & Andrea Sorrentino


Jeff Lemire is a comic book writer and cartoonist from Essex County, Ontario, Canada. After self-publishing his first comic book in 2005 Lost Dogs.  He went on to write the Science fiction series for Top Shelf Productions, titled Fortress. He was awarded the Eisner and the Harvey awards for his book Essex County trilogy. Jeff then wrote the series Sweet tooth,  an arc on Green Arrow, while writing for Marvel comics Moon Knight and Old Man Logan series. Finally, in 2016 he also released his masterful series, Black Hammer.

Andrea Sorrentino is a comic book artist from Italy. His first published work was a God of War comic book based on the popular video game series. The arc was written by writer Marv Wolfman for Wildstorm publishing. Andrea then went on to illustrate the comic book I, Vampire for DC comics. He was hired by DC comics in 2013 to work on the second Green Arrow series with writer Jeff Lemire.  

Previous Volumes of Gideon Falls

Volume 1: The Black Barn

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Volume 2: Original Sins

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Volume 3: Stations of the Cross

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And of course, we can’t forget to link the 4th volume!

Volume 4: The Pentoculus

Click Here to Buy Gideon Falls Volume 4 The Pentoculus

Comment below and let us know your favorite story arc from Gideon Falls.



Essex County

(W/A) Jeff Lemire

Amazon: Click here to buy Essex County on Amazon

Green Arrow

(W) Jeff Lemire (A) Andrea Sorrentino & Marcelo Maiolo

Amazon: Click here to buy the graphic novel Green Arrow vol. 4 on Amazon

Moon Knight

(W) Jeff Lemire (A) Greg Smallwood

Amazon: Click here to buy the graphic novel Moon Knight on Amazon

Old Man Logan

(W) Jeff Lemire (A) Andrea Sorrentino

Amazon: Click here to buy the graphic novel Old Man Logan on Amazon

Black Hammer

(W) Jeff Lemire (A) Dean Ormston & Dave Stewart

Amazon: Click here to buy the graphic novel for Black Hammer on Amazon

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