With the announcement of the DC Universe movie slate from James Gunn and Peter Safran, one of the inspirations for the new Superman movie coming out in 2025 will be All-Star Superman.

All-Star Superman, written by Grant Morrison and illustrated by Frank Quitely, is a modern classic in the world of comics. Originally published by DC Comics in 2005-2008. The 12-issue limited series has since become one of the most celebrated and beloved Superman stories of all time. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what makes All-Star Superman such a standout in the Superman canon.

First and foremost, All-Star Superman is a love letter to the character of Superman and everything he represents. Morrison and Quitely’s take on the character is both reverential and innovative. Paying homage to the classic Silver Age comics while also updating and modernizing the character for a new generation of readers. The story is steeped in Superman lore, from the Fortress of Solitude to the Daily Planet to the villainous Lex Luthor. It also introduces new elements that add depth and complexity to the character.

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The Plot

At its core, All-Star Superman is a story about mortality and the legacy we leave behind. The plot centers around Superman discovering that he has been exposed to too much solar radiation, which will eventually kill him. With only a limited amount of time left to live, Superman sets out to complete a series of tasks that will ensure his legacy and prepare the world for his eventual absence. These tasks include creating a cure for cancer, traveling through time to witness the end of the universe, and revealing his secret identity to Lois Lane.

The Story

But All-Star Superman is more than just a story about Superman’s impending death. It’s also a celebration of everything that makes Superman such an enduring and beloved character. The story is filled with moments of awe-inspiring heroism. From Superman rescuing a girl from a collapsing building to stopping a rampaging monster from destroying Metropolis. But it’s also filled with moments of quiet reflection and introspection. As Superman grapples with his mortality and reflects on his place in the world.

The Art

One of the most striking things about All-Star Superman is its artwork. Quitely’s illustrations are bold, colorful, and imaginative, capturing the energy and excitement of the story while also conveying the emotional depth of the characters. From the dynamic action sequences to the quiet moments of introspection, every panel is filled with detail and nuance, making the story feel both epic and intimate.

In conclusion, All-Star Superman is a masterpiece of modern comic book storytelling. It’s a story that celebrates everything that makes Superman such an enduring and beloved character. While also introducing new elements that add depth and complexity to the character. With its stunning artwork, thoughtful writing, and powerful themes, All-Star Superman is a must-read for any comic book fan. It’s a shining example of what makes Superman such an enduring and iconic character.

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