Los Angeles Comic Con 2019 had so many amazing things to love about this great event. From panels to comic book vendors to all the amazing exclusives available only at the con! One part of LA Comic Con that always adds so much excitement to the event is all the amazing cosplay we saw at the con. Even dogs were getting in on the cosplay. Check out our video and pics below of some of our favorite cosplay at Los Angeles Comic Con 2019.

LA Comic Con Cosplay Video

Check out our video featuring some of our favorite cosplay from Los Angeles Comic Con:

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LA Comic Con Cosplay Pics

There were so many great cosplayers at LA Comic Con this year that we couldn’t get it all on video. Check out some other cosplayers we got some pictures of.

Out of all the great cosplay at LA Comic Con, there was one cosplayer that we feel was the best cosplay at the con! Check out this adorable pup cosplaying Goku from Dragon Ball Z.

LA Comic Con

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