Funko is one of the biggest names in collectibles and 2019 has been a big year for the company. Along with their HQ store in Everett, Washington, they have officially opened a second store in Hollywood, California. On November 18th, 2019 Funko had a grand opening celebration for the public. Luckily, we here at My Comic Universe got a chance to make it to the Funko Hollywood Grand Opening event! There were games, food trucks, Paka Paka machines, and of course, exclusive Pops!

Funko Hollywood Grand Opening

With the new store opening in Hollywood, Funko had a grand opening event to celebrate the store’s public unveiling. They released free tickets on Eventbrite for 5 different time slots throughout the day. The time slots were 10 am, 12 pm, 2 pm, 4 pm, and 6 pm. We were able to get 2 tickets for the 10 am time slot. They also had a standby line for people that weren’t able to get a ticket.

Funko Hollywood Store Tour

The store was separated into different sections. Each section has giant versions of Funko figures, tons of Pops, Pez and more. Funko had chases and other exclusives hidden in each room/section.

We entered the left side of the store which led us by the Marvel section. Near the Marvel section is the Harry Potter room and the DC room. As you start to make your way to the center of the store, there is Disney, Jurrasic Park, Anime and Games. Once you make it to the right side of the store you get to the TV and Horror sections, which then leads to one of the coolest rooms in the store… the Star Wars room! Then as you make your way towards the last few sections, there is Wetmore Forest, Funko Shop, and Music and Sports. Also, near the registers are the Funko Paka Paka machines. You can buy tokens at the register for $5 each. They can be used at the Paka Paka machines for a guaranteed figure.

Overall the Hollywood store is amazing. It definitely is bigger than their HQ store in Everett. Now that the Hollywood store is open, we will be making it over this store all the time!

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Exclusive Pops

It wouldn’t be a Funko event without exclusive Pops! The Funko Hollywood store has 7 different exclusive Pops! that are only available at the Hollywood store. Included were a Tony the Tiger (with sunglasses), Bob’s Big Boy (with sunglasses), Freddy Funko (with Walk of Fame star), Marilyn Monroe, Chester Cheetah (holding bag of Cheetos), Wonder Woman (holding Hollywood bag), and Huckleberry Hound (holding Hollywood bag).

Also available at the Funko Hollywood store were an exclusive tee shirt as well as Paka Paka machines. These machines are typically only available in select GameStop and Think Geek retail stores.

We had such an incredible time at the Grand Opening of the Funko Hollywood store. The experience has us thinking back on our trip to Funko HQ in Everett, Washington while we were in town for Emerald City Comic-Con.

Funko HQ

Here are some of the photos we took at Funko HQ in Everett back in March. It was our first time making the trip to this Funko mecca. We had so much fun checking out all of the enormous Funko figures and hanging out with some amazing members of the Funko community!

Looking for more information on Funko Hollywood? Click here to check out Funko’s official blog post.

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