For all of you movie lovers out there, we here at My Comic Universe have put together a list of all the upcoming movie releases, movies that are currently in theaters, and their release dates. We’ll be looking at movies from April and May, and keeping you updated regularly on what’s out in theaters. Check back each month as we keep you up to speed on what’s coming to a theater near you. We’d also love to hear from you if you’ve seen any of the movies listed below or can’t wait for them to be released. Tell us what you thought and let us know what you liked (or didn’t like) about these films. Your feedback is always important to us! Don’t forget to subscribe to our website to receive updates each time we release a new post!

Currently In-Theaters

April 6th, 2018

You Were Never Really Here

You Were Never Really Here
Genre: Drama, Suspense
Rated: R
Runtime: 1 hr 29 min
Starring: Joaquin Phoenix, Judith Roberts, Ekaterina Samsonov, John Doman, and Alex Manette
Summary: Traumatized veteran Joe (Joaquin Phoenix) tracks down missing girls for a living. But when things start to spin out of control, a conspiracy is revealed leading to what might be Joe’s demise or his awakening.

A Quiet Place Movie

A Quiet Place
Genre: Horror, Suspense
Rated: PG-13
Runtime: 1 hr 30 min
Starring: Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Noah Jupe, Millicent Simmonds, and Cade Woodward
Summary: A family of four must live in silence after mysterious creatures that hunt by sound threaten their lives. Once they hear you, they hunt you.

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The Endless Movie

The Endless
Genre: Drama, Horror, Suspense
Rated: NR
Runtime: 1 hr 52 min
Starring: Justin Benson, Aaron Moorhead, Tate Ellington, Callie Hernandez, and Lew Temple
Summary: A cryptic video message inspires two brothers to revisit a UFO death cult they escaped 10 years earlier. Their search for closure forces them to reconsider the cults beliefs when faced with an inexplicable phenomena surrounding the cult itself.

April 13th, 2018

Rampage Movie 2018

Genre: Action
Rated: PG-13
Runtime: 1 hr 47 min
Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Naomie Harris, Malin Akerman, and Joe Manganiello
Summary: When a rogue experiment goes wrong, it causes George, a highly intelligent silverback gorilla, as well as a wolf and a reptile to grow to monstrous proportions. As the mutated beasts begin to wreak havoc, a primatologist must team up with a geneticist and the military to stop them from destroying Chicago.

Blumhouse's Truth or Dare Movie 2018

Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare
Genre: Suspense
Rated: PG-13
Runtime: 1 hr 40 min
Starring: Lucy Hale, Tyler Posey, Violett Beane, Nolan Gerard Funk, and Hayden Szeto
Summary: A group of friends play a game of “Truth or Dare” that turns deadly when someone or something begins punishing anyone who tells a lie or refuses a dare.

April 20th, 2018

Traffik Movie 2018

Genre: Action, Suspense
Rated: R
Runtime: 1 hr 36 min
Starring: Paula Patton, Missi Pyle, William Fichtner, Omar Epps, and Roselyn Sanchez
Summary: A couple on a romantic weekend getaway at an isolated mountain estate are surprised by the arrival of two of their friends. Just as things start to get back on track, a violent biker gang shows up and begins tormenting them, forcing the two couples to fight for their lives.

Ghost Stories Movie 2018

Ghost Stories
Genre: Drama, Horror
Rated: NR
Runtime: 1 hr 38 min
Starring: Andy Nyman, Martin Freeman, Paul Whitehouse, Alex Lawther, and Paul Warren
Summary: A skeptic professor stumbles upon a long lost file detailing three cases of unexplainable hauntings, sending him on a terror filled quest for answers.

April 27th, 2018

Marvel Avengers Infinity War Movie Poster 2018

Avengers: Infinity War
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi
Rated: PG-13
Runtime: 2 hr 29 min
Starring: Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, and Scarlett Johansson
Summary: The Avengers and their allies must unite to battle their most powerful enemy yet, the Mad Titan Thanos, who is on a mission to collect all six Infinity Stones and use them to carry out his twisted plan. The fate of the universe hangs in the balance as everything the Avengers have fought for has led to this.

May 4th, 2018

Altered Perception Movie 2018

Altered Perception
Genre: Mystery, Sci-Fi
Rated: NR
Runtime: 1 hr 19 min
Starring: Jon Huertas, Jennifer Blanc-Biehn, Mark Burnham, Jade Tailor, and Matthew Ziff
Summary: A drug that alters perception during times of stress and anxiety is being advertised as a cure for socio-political turmoil. Several couples volunteer to participate in human trials but end up paying a steep price.

Bad Samaritan Movie 2018

Bad Samaritan
Genre: Horror, Suspense, Thriller
Rated: R
Runtime: 1 hr 47 min
Starring: Kerry Condon, David Tennant, Robert Sheehan, Jacqueline Byers, and Lisa Brenner
Summary: A valet (Robert Sheehan) comes up with a plan to burglarize rich clients. Everything goes according to plan until he steals from the wrong client (David Tennant) and stumbles upon a woman being held captive in his home.

May 11th, 2018

Dark Crimes Movie 2018

Dark Crimes
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Rated: R
Runtime: 1 hr 32 min
Starring: Jim Carrey, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Marton Csokas, Kati Outinen, and Vlad Inanov
Summary: A dead business mans murder investigation leads to clues hidden in an authors book about an eerily similar crime.

May 18th, 2018

Deadpool 2 Movie 2018

Deadpool 2
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy
Rated: Film not yet rated
Runtime: 1 hr 51 min
Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Morena Baccarin, Zazie Beetz, and Brianna Hildebrand
Summary: Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) is putting together his own team of superhero misfits dubbed the X-Force to go head to head with the time traveling cyborg Cable (Josh Brolin).

Upcoming Movie Releases – May 2018

May 25th, 2018

Solo A Star Wars Story Movie 2018

Solo: A Star Wars Story
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Rated: PG-13
Runtime: 2 hr 15 min
Starring: Alden Ehrenreich, Thandie Newton, Emilia Clarke, Paul Bettany, and Woody Harrelson
Summary: Years before joining the Rebellion, Han Solo meets his future copilot Chewbacca and crosses paths with Lando Calrissian while venturing into a dark criminal underworld.

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