LA Comic Con 2018 was an amazing event this year! From the cosplay, to comic book vendors, toy vendors, artists and so much more. My Comic Universe has all the highlights. Check out our favorite moments from this years Los Angeles Comic Con below.

LA Comic Con Quick Video Montage:


Awesome Collectibles

Looking for Funko Pops! Then check out Awesome Collectibles. It is a rare treat to find a Pop booth with a large selection, helpful staff and close to Pop Price Guide (PPG) prices. So Check them out!

MY COMIC UNIVERSE – NEW COLLECTION PICK UPS! We were able to pick up the below from Awesome Collectibles at this years LA Comic Con!

Vicious Kill

For the Pin collectors out there, Vicious Kill has you covered. From popular franchises such as Dragon Ball Z, Marvel, DC comics & many more. The guys at Vicious Kill also have some amazing designs on their shirts!

Hot Topic Booth Exclusives

The lines filled up instantly for the Hot Topic Booth. So here are the top Funko Pop Exclusives to get at LA Comic Con 2018!


Steve Aoki Presents – Neon Future

Set thirty years in the future, the world is divided between two members of society. Those who have the means to live in a technologically infused human hybrid society. Then there are those who resist it. A small group known as the Neon Future has banded together to resist the government and its mutilation of society.

A science fiction story that makes the individual reflect on the most relevant question for the future. How do we cope with our anxiety and fear of the ever expanding advancements in technology?

Brian; Talks Comics – Host

Check out our interview with the creators:


Deadly Class Premiere

If you were lucky to attend LA Comic Con 2018. Then you were invited to be apart of the select few who got to watch and enjoy the pilot episode for the upcoming graphic novel based SyFy series Deadly Class.

Stay tuned for our review of the first episode before the premier!

Comic Book Men

Comic book Men were in full form at this years LA Comic Con. We joined the panel crowd, as host Ryan Hurst (Sons of Anarchy, The Walking Dead) and guests Ming Chen, Bryan Johnson and Mike Zapcic took to the stage. The four discussed the future of the popular TV series. But currently no new developments have been announced.

Ryan Stegman & Chris Burnham Panel

Artists Ryan Stegman (Venom, Superior Spiderman) & Chris Burnham (Die Die Die, Batman Incorporated) talk all about the life of being a comic book artist.



LA Comic Con 2018 Cosplay

Another great year with some Amazing Cosplay. From My Hero Academia to Venom. We have some highlights to share with you!

@johncarlosmcmaster  |  @benkliewer




@katsa4444  |  @tsu_nami_








Till next year… See you October 11-13, 2019!

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