Welcome to another Episode of Talks Comics! here at My Comic Universe. Hosts Brandon and Brian cover the new Fantastic Four series from Spider-man writer Dan Slott. The Fantastic Four are finally back in comics and we here at My Comic Universe are extremely excited! We go over the Marvel Two in One series with The Thing and Johnny Storm, as well as the first two issues of The Fantastic Four by Dan Slott!

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The Return of the Fantastic Four

the return of the fantastic four dan slott

The History of the Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four issue #1 released November 1961 from writer (W) Stan Lee and artist (A) Jack Kirby.

the return of the fantastic four dan slott

The first Fantastic Four series ran an impressive 416 issues. Eventually, Marvel continued the Four’s Adventures with several more relaunches over the years. The second series contained a story-line which included the Death of Johnny Storm (the Human Torch).

It was time Marvel began the rebuild and restructure needed for the Fantastic Four to adapt to a more current readership. Then in May 2011, Marvel published and launched, FF ( the Future Foundation). From writer Johnathan Hickman and artists Steve Epting and Rick Magyar. The new series followed an alternative team consisting of Reed, Sue and Ben. The series also introduced several new teammates to the teams roster including Franklin Richards, son of Sue and Reed Richards. Valeria Richards, daughter of Sue and Reed Richards. Lastly, Peter Parker, Spider-man?! That is correct! The web-head himself. It was Johnny Storm’s last request that Peter would help the Fantastic Four from this point on. The series was enjoyed by some fans but it really was a lead up to the return of the original team.

Marvel’s Two in One

(W) Chip ZDarsky (A) Jim Cheung, Valerio Schiti, Paco Medina & Ramon K Perez


the return of the fantastic four dan slott

Johnny Storm and Ben Grim team up. This is a great series leading up the return of the Fantastic Four! We definitely recommend this series if you are interested in the Fantastic Four comic back. This series will give you more insight into the characters as we get into the new Fantastic Four series by Dan Slott.

The Fantastic Four

(W) Dan Slott (A) Skottie Young & Sara Pichelli

Whats happening so far?

At this point we have a hopeful and disillusioned Johnny Storm. He believes that his family is still alive in the universe. A secretive but realistic Ben Grim. Who plans to move on with his life knowing his friends will not return.

At the creation of several new universes we find Molecule Man, Reed, Sue, Franklin and Valeria Richards at the mercy of an entity known as Entrophy.

Where we leave off…

Fantastic Four are reunited and they brought some friends.


the return of the fantastic four dan slott


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