The next chapter in the DC Extended Universe is James Wan’s Aquaman. Starring Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Nicole Kidman. We here at My Comic Universe are very excited to see this next movie in the DCEU!

DC’s Aquaman

As a DC fan, we know there is some skepticism regarding the success of the DC Extended Universe films. However, Aquaman is on track to be another successful movie, just like Wonder Woman. DC’s shift to focus on single movies that do not connect too much into the full universe seems to be working out.

Aquaman, or Arthur Curry, made his first appearance in More Fun Comics #73. Released in November of 1941. Created by writer Mort Weisinger and artist Paul Norris. Mort is best known as the editor at DC comics during the 1950s-1960s. He worked on titles like Superman and Action Comics.

Aquaman has been a pillar of the super hero team, the Justice League. His big screen cameo debut is in the 2016 Zack Synder film, Batman vs Superman Dawn Of Justice. Aquaman is only shown to the audience for a few seconds in this movie. However, its not until the 2017 Zack Synder film Justice League when the audience finally gets a full performance out of Jason Momoa, as the Rider of the King Tide.

One thing we can say about Jason Momoa’s portrayal of Aquaman is that we look forward to is seeing a man who is torn between two worlds. Also the difficult decision’s he makes, and how will effect the future of the DC Extended Universe.

YouTube – Aquaman 2018

Check out our video going over the new characters entering the DCEU in the new Aquaman movie!

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James Wan

DCEU Aquaman James Wan

Back in June of 2015, Warner Bros hired the talented Conjuring director James Wan. Wan has been working closely with Producer/Comic book/ Screen writer Geoff Johns on the story for the screenplay.

Of Course, Geoff Johns is currently writing both comic series for Shazam and The Doomsday Clock (2018). The highly anticipated comic book sequel to Alan Moore’s 1986 The Watchmen.

The DCEU has made a noticeable change with Geoff Johns taking the lead of it. He has been in charge of the DCEU ever since the Wonder Woman movie was in production.

New DCEU Characters

Now, let’s talk about the new DC Extended Universe characters that are making their debut in Aquaman.

Black Manta

DCEU Aquaman black manta

First off, is Aquaman’s nemesis Black Manta, played by Yahya Adbul- Mateen II. David Hyde or Black Manta‘s made his First Appearance in Aquaman #35 in September of 1967. Created by writer Bob Haney and artist Nick Cardy.

David Hyde is an engineer, tactician and skilled hand to hand combatant. Black Manta’s nigh-invulnerable battle suit increases Hydes strength and durability to superhuman levels. Along with breathing apparatus, jet pack, wrist mounted speargun, a wide array of weapons/gadgets and those deadly optic blasts from the eye lens of his helmet. The suit can also adapt to oceanic deep sea pressures.

Throughout the years, Aquaman and Black Manta battle several more times over the protection and conquest of Atlantis. However, Aquaman also had a personal grudge against Manta after he killed his son during one of the post crisis story-line’s.

Ocean Master

DCEU Aquaman ocean master

Another Aquaman foe’s making his big screen debut is none other than his devious half brother King Orm, or Ocean Master, played by Patrick Wilson.

Ocean Master’s first appearance was in Aquaman #29, September 1966. Created by writer Bob Haney and artist Nick Cardy. Pre-Crisis Orm was a master builder and excellent with machines. But its not till the events of the post-crisis DC Universe, where Orm‘s is infact Aquaman’s half brother.

Orm is also imbued with the same strength, speed and durability as Arthur.

Nuidis Vulko

DCEU Aquaman

Also making his debut is the Atlantean Scientist Nuidis Vulko, played by Willem Dafoe. Vulko has been a trusted ally and the source of wisdom for AquamanVulko has also created some interesting Atlantean technology over the years.

Vulko’s first appearance in the comics was in issue #73 in the Brave and the Bold comic series in September of 1967. Also created by writer Bob Haney, but this time Bob was joined by artist Howard Purcell.

Queen Atlanna

DCEU Aquaman queen atlanna

Lastly, we can not forget Queen Atlanna, played by Nichole Kidman. Queen Atlanna made her first appearance in Adventure Comics #260 in September of 1959. Created by Robert Bernstein and Romona Fradon. This Silver age comic changed the origin of Aquaman giving him the connection to Tom Curry and Queen Atlanna.

Each character’s influence will push Aquaman‘s strength, wisdom and his heart to its limits. Both as a man and as an Atlantean.

Aquaman open’s in theaters on December 21, 2018.
Comment below and let us know which new character you are most excited to see in the new Aquaman movie!
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