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My Comic Universe - Wonder Woman Podcast!

Wonder Woman is out on Digital HD and Blu-Ray as of September 19, and we couldn’t be more excited! To celebrate this amazing movie, My Comic Universe is releasing the podcast we recorded when the movie hit theaters. Check out the above audio podcast and let us know what you think in the comments!

Now that you listened to our discussion on the movie, check out the below options to own Wonder Woman on Blu-Ray. A few retail stores have exclusive combo packs that you can choose from.

Amazon Exclusive Blu-Ray:

WW AmazonExclusive- 720x556

This is on the top of our list, the Wonder Woman figurine you get with this looks badass! Also, the Blu-ray combo pack includes Blu-Ray, DVD and Ultraviolet versions, along with special features.

Target Exclusive Blu-Ray:

Target WW-720x473

Target also has a really cool exclusive that includes an awesome book that expands on the movie and its amazing characters. It also includes the theatrical version of the movie on various formats: Blu-ray, DVD, and digital. It also comes with a cool lenticular 3D cover!

Walmart Exclusive Blu-Ray:

Walmart WW-720x608

This exclusive is a top contender for the Amazon exclusive as this one comes with a wearable tiara, and a bonus scene not shown in theaters.

This is also a combo pack that come with Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital versions of the movie.

Best Buy Exclusive Blu-Ray:

With Best Buy, they have two different exclusive options to choose from.

WW BestBuy

The first is a 3D movie combo pack with four really cool character cards. You will also receive the movie on 3D, along with the regular Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital versions.

WW best buy 2

Now if you are someone who loves the exclusive Steelbook collector’s edition Blu-Rays from Best Buy, then you are going to love the one for the Wonder Woman movie!

If you are someone who loves quality, then this 4K cut of the movie looks incredible! You will also get a 1080p Digital version and High-Def Blu-Ray.

Along with all of these exclusives, all of the above retailers with have the standard combo packs: Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital if you are just looking for movie.


Let us know below in the comments what you thought about the movie! If you picked up an exclusive version of the movie let us know! We are curious which ones you all get.

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