The next generation of DC Movies & TV shows from DC Studios has finally been announced and we couldn’t be more excited! On Tuesday, January 31, 2023, James Gunn and Peter Safran announced the first part of their 10 year plan by reveling the first 10 new interconnected projects for the DCU. The first slate is called Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters.

The new Flash movie coming out this Summer will reset most things, but not everything, according to James Gunn. That will lead into the new Blue Beatle movie and Aquaman 2, which will be set in its own world and be more of a stand-alone movie. From there, we will get the first projects of the new DCU, 5 new movies and 5 new TV shows.

Don’t worry though, projects like The Batman from Director Matt Reeves and Joker from Todd Phillips will still be around but will be DC Elseworlds stories. This will allow DC to have a main universe as well as other projects outside of that universe so they are not limited to the stories they can tell.

“The DCU’s a multiverse, but we’re going to be focusing on one universe from that multiverse,” explains Safran. “And if something isn’t DCU, we’re going to make that very clear. So, strictly adult fare like Todd Phillips’ Joker, or kids animation like Teen Titans Go!, we’re going to make it very clear that those are DC Elseworlds, just the same way that they do it in the comic books.”

Chapter 1 Gods and Monsters

The first chapter of the DCU will include 5 new movies and 5 new tv shows that will all be interconnected. Here is a list of all 10 new projects Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters, in order as they will come out.

Creature Commandos

Creature Commandos will be the first TV series for the new DCU. It will be an animated series on HBO Max, and we will see the return on Weasel!

James Gunn: The first series that we’re doing, and I’ve already written the entire series, is Creature Commandos. This is an animated TV series and this is art from the animation company that’s doing it. Creature Commandos is based on the great team from DC.

What we’re doing with the DCU is we’re having animation tied directly into live action. Television, movies and games all intertwine within the same universe. We’re going to cast actors that are going to be able to play the characters in this, as well as in other things, some of which we’ve already cast. I’ve written all seven episodes of this show and it’s in production now.

In the image (going from left to right), that’s Rick Flag, Sr. He’s going to show up in other stuff. Then Nina Mazursky. Doctor Phosphorus, a Batman villain. Frankenstein—Eric Frankenstein, specifically. The Bride of Frankenstein, who’s the lead. Finally, G.I. Robot and Weasel.


Waller will be the first live-action TV series of the new DCU and will also be on HBO Max.

Gunn: Viola Davis is coming back as her character, Amanda Waller. This is also going to have some of the Peacemaker team in it as regulars on the show. This basically follows up Peacemaker. We have two great creatives working on it: Christal Henry, who was a writer on Watchmen, and Jeremy Carver who created Doom Patrol. They have this incredibly marvelous story worked out that I think is really fantastic.

Peter Safran: This series will sit between Peacemaker season one and season two.

Superman: Legacy

The first movie in the new DCU will be Superman: Legacy, which will be written and directed by James Gunn himself. Let us know in the comments who you think would be a great casting for Superman.

Safran: (This) is really the launch of the DCU. The first two projects are an amuse-bouche for what’s coming up with Superman: Legacy. James is currently writing it. We’re hoping that he will direct it. It’s not an origin story. It focuses on Superman balancing his Kryptonian heritage with his human upbringing. Superman represents truth, justice and the American way. He is kindness in a world that thinks of kindness as old fashioned.

Gunn: With our stories, we want to take it away from good guy vs. bad guy. There are really good—almost saintly—people and Superman is among them. There are really terrible villains like Gorilla Grodd or the Joker. And then there’s everybody in between them, so there are all these shades of gray which allow us to tell complex stories.

Safran: And we have a release date for this—July 11, 2025.


Lanterns is one of the new projects that we are most excited to get. This will be a live-action TV series on HBO Max and will feature both John Stewart and Hal Jordan!

Safran: Our next project is another television series. We call it Lanterns and it is starring two of our favorite Green Lanterns—Hal Jordan and John Stewart. It’s going to be with HBO Max, as all of our series are that we’re going to talk about today. It is more of a True Detective-type mystery with our two Lanterns. A terrestrial-based mystery—

Gunn: —that leads into the overall story that we’re telling throughout the different movies and television shows. We find this ancient horror on Earth, and these guys are basically supercops on “Precinct Earth.”

Safran: The story is going to weave back and forth between the films and the television shows. Peacemaker is a good example of how that works, and that’s what we’re going to do with this big overarching story that we’re telling.

The Authority

The next live-action movie will be The Authority.

Gunn: This is one of my real passion projects. I’ve been working really hard on it with the writers and we’re starting to put together the entire story. This is a big movie. I don’t know how many of you are familiar with the Authority. They’re WildStorm characters. WildStorm was a comics imprint that was bought by DC that I really love. We’re moving a lot of these WildStorm characters into the DCU.

The Authority’s a very different kind of superhero story. They are basically good-intentioned, but they think that the world is completely broken and the only way to fix it is to take things into their own hands, whether that means killing people, destroying heads of state, changing governments—basically, whatever they want to do to make the world better. We’ll see how that journey goes for them.

There are morally gray characters (in our DCU), of which these are.

PS: We love that they think the ends justify the means and they’re the ones that decide what the right ends are.

Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost looks to be a fun new live-action tv series on HBO Max that will feature Themyscira/Paradise Island at a time before Wonder Woman.

Safran: This is a Game of Thrones-type story about Themyscira/Paradise Island, home of the Amazons and the birthplace of Wonder Woman. This involves all of the darkness, drama and political intrigue behind this society of only women.

Gunn: It’s an origin story of how this society of women came about. What does it mean? What are their politics like? What are their rules? Who’s in charge? What are the games that they play with each other to get to the top? I think it’s really exciting.

Safran: The events really take place before Diana’s birth.

The Brave and the Bold

We can’t hold back our excitement for this one! The introduction of the DCU’s Batman! The next DCU live-action movie will be The Brave and the Bold.

Gunn: This is the introduction of the DCU’s Batman. It is not Robert Pattinson. It is not Ben Affleck. We’re working with Robert on The Batman – Part II with Matt Reeves, and we’re working with Ben Affleck, who has been a part of our team trying to bring things together and he really wants to direct one of our projects. We’re excited for him to do that.

This is a story of Damian Wayne, who’s Batman’s actual son that he didn’t know existed for the first eight to ten years of his life. He was raised as a little murderer and assassin. He’s my favorite Robin. It’s based on the Grant Morrison comic run, which is one of my favorite Batman runs. We’re putting it all together right now.

Safran: This is going to feature other members of the extended Bat-Family. Just because we feel like they’ve been left out of the Batman stories in the theater for far too long.

Booster Gold

Booster Gold will be a fun new live-action TV series on HBO Max. We are excited to see who they cast for this one!

Safran: A total fan favorite, as you know. A loser from the future who uses his basic future technology to come back to today to pretend to be a superhero.

Gunn: I think of it as basically the story of a superhero’s imposter syndrome. How do you deal with that? (It’s about) how he tries to use this future technology to be loved by the people of today and what is really at the base of that. It’s a character story that’s going to be a very different type of show, and we’re talking to an actor about it now.

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow

DC Studios Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow is looking to be the best new project from the new DCU and we can’t wait to hear more about it.

Gunn: This is based on Tom King (and Bilquis Evely)’s wonderful comic. Tom has been one of the architects of this entire situation. He’s been one of the guys in the room with us, along with four or five other writers. I love his take on these characters. He just turns them slightly to be something very unique.

In our story, we have Superman who was sent to Earth and raised by incredibly loving parents. Kara was on Krypton. She was on a piece of Krypton that drifted away from the planet and she lived there for the first fourteen years of her life in a horrible situation where she watched everyone around her die. So, she’s a much harsher and more fucked up Supergirl than you’ve been used to thus far.

Swamp Thing

DC Studios Swamp Thing

We are so excited to hear that there will be a live-action Swamp Thing movie in the new DCU. Hopefully this will lead to a Justice League: Dark movie!

Safran: The final film we wanted to talk about is Swamp Thing. We bring it up because it’s important to point out that in these stories, although they’re interconnected, they’re not all tonally the same. Each set of filmmakers bring their own aesthetic to these films, and the fun is seeing how these tonally different works mash up in the future.

This is a film that will investigate the dark origins of Swamp Thing.

Gunn: We are actually developing a few other things as well, but for one reason or another, we can’t say them. This is the first batch of stuff, but there may be a couple of surprises to come.


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