Funko Pops can be a hectic thing to track down! New Funko Pops are released or announced on a near-daily basis and it can be difficult for a collector to stay on top of all of the news. Even for those who are aware of a piece’s release, they often sell out quickly online or before you can make it into your local retailer. Restock and delivery times vary, and you’ve also got those pesky flippers out there camping out for hours to pick up as many of each piece as a store will allow. These combined with other factors can make it all too easy to miss out on those awesome Funko Pop exclusives, limited edition or newly announced Funko Pop that you’ve had your heart set on. Well…

My Comic Universe‘s Travis has some pointers that could make the difference between adding those sought after Funko Pops to your collection for retail price, having to trade for them, giving up entirely…  or the most dreadful fate of all… paying those ridiculous eBay and flipper prices! Gasp!

Join Travis in The Funko Room for Episode 2 of his Funko Tips and Tricks series: In-Store and Online Hunting!

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Our third episode will dive deeper into the world of Funko Pop hunting, exposing facts and pointers for obtaining convention Funko Pop exclusives as well as how to get around international shipping restrictions set by overseas retailers. You wont want to miss it!

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