Welcome to another episode Talk’s Comics! from My Comic Universe’s Brian and Brandon. In this episode we go over some cool comic book news, as well as discuss the big DC story going on in Dark Nights Metal. We also go over different ways to store and protect your comic books.

At the end of each episode we want to give out a cool recommendation in case any of you are looking for a new comic book story to read. Since we have been talking about DC Comic’s Dark Nights Metal, we are recommended an awesome story by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. This is their first team-up on a Batman comic, and it is a great starting point if you want new Batman comics. There are also some cool Easter-eggs in this story that tie into Metal.

This episode’s recommendation is DC Comics New 52, Batman vol 1. The Court of Owls.


If you are interested in picking up this story line, you can check out your local comic book shop, or you can check out any online comic retailer, here is a link to get it on Amazon – CLICK HERE FOR BATMAN VOL 1 COURT OF OWLS ON AMAZON.

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