Check it out! My Comic Universe’s comic book experts Brandon and Brian are starting their comic book collecting segment (My Comic Universe – Talks Comics!) The very first episode is here, just click play on the above video! We will also be releasing the second episode next month, so be on the lookout!

This new segment is going to be all about comic book collecting! We will discuss topics like comic grading/slabbing, upcoming comic events and news, pre-order information, different variants and how to get them, and much more! We will help keep you up to date on what is currently going on in the comic industry! The best part is each episode we will highlight some of our favorite comics from our own collections.

This segment is by comic collectors, for comic collectors! If you are just starting your collection, or you have hundreds of long boxes in your comic room, this segment is for you! We will cover such a wide range of topics that there will be something for everyone!

If there is any topic you think we should cover or discuss, let us know in the comments! We also want to know what you think of this first episode! Let us know! Be sure to check out our social media, we are about to start our next giveaway!

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