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New Comic Book Recommendations | April 05, 2023


Batman #134

(W) Chip Zdarksy (A) Matthew Hawthorne

It’s all-out war as only Batman stands between Red Mask and a Gotham City full of bodies! How much is the Dark Knight willing to sacrifice to save this city?





The Flash #796

(W) Jeremy Adams (A) Fernando Pasarin

t’s the final moments of the One-Minute War! Cornered by the evil Admiral Vel, the Flash family is on the edge of defeat, but some surprising allies give the speedsters one last chance to change the outcome of the war once and for all!





Immortal X-men #3

(W) Kieron Gillian (A) Alessondro Viti

THE EXPERIMENT ENDS? Year 1 was the start of the experiment. By Year 10, it was filling a petri dish. By Year 100, it had cracked the glass and spread across the desk. Now it’s been 1000 years, and the lab is filled by the writhing, pulsing sins of sinister and all the lab staff have been devoured. Everyone is in hell. The upside: this includes Sinister.



Scarlet Witch #4

(W) Steve Orlando (A) Sara Pichelli

The Scarlet Witch’s shopkeeper, Darcy Lewis, has a secret – and when the consequences of that secret result in the annihilation of Wanda’s shop, Wanda Maximoff must choose between protecting her new life or saving her friend’s.
SCARLET WITCH faces SCYTHIA, leader of the Bacchae, in a battle to answer the question: What does it mean to enact justice?


Hell to Pay #4

(W) Charles Soule (A) Will Sliney

The Poor Man has been minting thousands upon thousands of cursed hellcoins for an unknown purpose. Now, the reason for this incredibly dangerous decision is revealed – how he intends to spend all of that damned wealth – his world-changing investment into a hellish new future. The stakes… are high.




Stillwater #18

(W) Chip Zdarksy (A) Mike Spicer

After all these years, the town of Stillwater is no longer still.
The Eisner-nominated series reaches its epic, extra-length conclusion!


Best Pick Up from Last Week | March 29, 2023


DareDevil #9

(W) Chip Zdarsky (A) Rafael De Latorre

For over three years, Daredevil’s life has been a living hell – between the Stromwyns, the Hand and his time incarcerated and exposed to ReCID. Now all of those dangerous forces are coming together and threatening everything Matt Murdock holds dear!




Graphic Novel Recommendation


Daredevil Vol 1 Know Fear

(W) Chip Zdarksy (A) Marco Checchetto

The next chapter in the ever-surprising saga of Daredevil! After a brush with death, Matt Murdock must piece together his shattered life – and that includes returning to action as Daredevil! But years of trauma have taken their toll, and becoming the guardian of Hell’s Kitchen he once was won’t be easy. Mistakes will be made along the way – and this time, one might actually prove to be the end of him. Because when a criminal dies, and Daredevil takes the blame, Matt must go on the run in a desperate bid to clear his name! But even he can’t outrun judgment forever. And with DD’s absence from Hell’s Kitchen, the real devils can come out to play.

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