Marvel Collector Corps Funko subscription box is exclusively available through Amazon. We here at My Comic Universe got a hold of the February X-Men themed box. Check out our unboxing video below showing off all the awesome items we got in this box, as well as spoilers for the next box coming in April (hint… you won’t want to miss this one!). In the Funko Room here at My Comic Universe we love all things collectibles and we also do these unboxing videos monthly, so make sure you stay up to date on all of our content!

Marvel Collector Corps – X-Men Theme Unboxing

YouTube: Watch our latest Unboxing on Marvel Collector Corps – X-Men theme on YouTube

X-Men Theme

In this box we got some awesome X-Men items as well as a really cool Funko Pop and a sweet Rock Candy Dark Phoenix. Usually with these subscription boxes, we get a few little items that are usually hit or miss. The items in this box are actually pretty cool and we can actually see ourselves using them.

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Spoiler for April’s Theme

We don’t want to give away the theme to the next box unless you really want to know. Check out our above unboxing video to find out. We will give you one hint that may make you want to subscribe to this box asap. In the April Marvel Collector Corps box from Amazon, it will include 2 pops and a t-shirt. That’s right! We can’t wait for this new box and will of course do another unboxing video.

Amazon: Click here to buy the April Marvel Collector Corps Funko Subscription box from Amazon

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