There is a new TV series coming to Netflix called Locke & Key. Based on a graphic novel written by Joe Hill. We here at My Comic Universe can’t wait for this new Netflix series to start February 2020! Check out the below trailer along with everything you need to know to get ready for this new series.

Official Locke & Key Trailer


Locke & Key

What the series is about?

After the death of their father, Tyler, Kinsey and Bode Locke relocate with their mother to their family estate located in Lovecraft, Massachusetts. While in the home the kids begin hear voices. Bode, the youngest; discovers a mysterious door known as the The Ghost Door. Once he enters his spirit separates from his body. During his time in his incorporeal form Bode discovers the house has more doors and keys. Each as unique as thew next. But a demon within the house also want the keys and will do anything to obtain them.

locke & key netflix locke and key netflix lock and key joe hill


The acclaimed graphic novel Locke & Key was originally developed as a television series by both Fox broadcast and Dreamworks Television. It was then screened at San Diego Comic Con International 2011. However it was not given a series order.

It was announced in 2016 that IDW Entertainment was developing a television series again, with the pilot written by author of the series Joe Hill.

locke & key netflix locke and key netflix lock and key joe hilllocke & key netflix locke and key netflix lock and key joe hill

Joe Hill’s, full name is Joesph Hillard King. His Father Stephen King is an American horror and crime novelist.

The series traded hands with several main streaming services including Hulu. But in May 2018, the series went into final negotiations with Netflix. The streaming service set a series order with Hill still attached to write the pilot.    

Release date: February 7, 2020

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Based on the Graphic Novel

locke & key netflix locke and key netflix lock and key joe hill

Locke & Key – Welcome to Lovecraft

Created by Joe Hill

Art by Gabriel Rodriquez

Publisher : IDW

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