Funko Pop! grading is something new that we expect to grow a lot in the coming years. The process of grading and encasing collectibles has been a staple in many collector communities for years!

Whether it be comic books, sports memorabilia, cards, coins, action figures and more, grading and encapsulation have been a great way for collectors and investors alike to preserve their item’s condition. While also adding to it’s overall value. It’s no surprise that someone has come forward with their sights set on providing the same type of service for our beloved Funko Pop! vinyl figures.

We’ve been given the opportunity to review a demo of The Vinyl Vault Grading System (The VVGS for short)! Check out our video review of The VVGS below.

YouTube – The Vinyl Vault Grading System (VVGS)

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The Vinyl Vault Grading System (VVGS)

The Vinyl Vault Grading System (VVGS) is a brand new service for having your treasured Funko Pops graded and sealed in a custom 2mm thick acrylic case. The unique design of this case allows you to view the grade while also providing a clear 360 degree view of your piece. Like many grading services for other types of collectibles.

funko pop grading funko pop grading

The VVGS displays a grading card on the front of your item. This card lists information on your graded Pop! including it’s number grade, the name of the Pop!, it’s series as well as it’s number in that series and will list any specifics on where the piece is exclusive to or if it had a limited number produced. You can also scan a QR code on the back of the case. Which will take you to a personalized web page that details your graded item.

We think this is a great idea with loads of potential!

Some Potential Issues

Even though we love this idea, there are a couple concerns we had overall. The key to a successful and trusted grading company is that they have strict criteria for their grading process. They also need to stick to those guidelines consistently to build trust. Trust is extremely important in collectible grading. In the comic book community, there is basically one major company at the top, CGC. Also, CBCS (owned by Beckett) is a very reputable company. They are just below CGC in terms of market share and trust.

When trust isn’t established by the company, and the community doesn’t feel the standards used for grading are reliable, then the grade becomes worthless. Look at PGX, another comic book grading company. They lost the trust of the community and the value of their graded books shows it. If VVGS can establish a strict grading structure and also establish trust in the community, then there is no reason they can’t grow to the top.

After checking out the demo and speaking with Sean, the creative mind behind this venture, we strongly believe that The VVGS is moving in the right direction. Overall we love the idea of graded Pops! This concept is very successful in other industries (comics, cards, magazines, etc.). So there is no reason this can’t be successful in the Pop community. VVGS is on their way and we are very excited to see how far they can take this company! We also cannot wait until we receive our own graded Pop! back!

Be sure to keep an eye out, because we’ll be posting another video to review the actual grading aspect of this system.

For more information on The VVGS, please click HERE to view their website. Also, feel free to follow them on Instagram.

Similar Funko Pop Grading Services

It is important to note that there have been similar Funko Pop! grading services in the past. However, they did not catch on in the Funko Community at-large.

There is a company called A.P.G. Grading Service, which offers to grade and encase a range of collectible action figures. They grade Funko Pops in a similar fashion to The VVGS, however there are major differences in their displays. In our opinion, The Vinyl Vault Grading System‘s case is much more desirable in the sense that it displays your grade on the front of the piece without obscuring the view of your item. Much like you see on slabbed and graded comic books. Whereas A.P.G.‘s display has your grading on the bottom of the case and it covers part of the box.

It is yet to be seen if The VVGS will catch on and become a staple among Funko collectors, but we feel that with consistency and time there is absolutely room for their success in this collectibles market!

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