Welcome to Episode 2 of Popcorn Feed from My Comic Universe. In this episode, My Comic Universe’s Brian and Steve go over some of the top headlines in Movies and TV shows. We also talk all about the newest trailers and upcoming movies and give out or Blu-Ray recommendation for the episode at the very end!

Popcorn Feed is a new show from My Comic Universe hosted by Steve and Brian, and a new episode will be released on our YouTube channel and our website each month. Steve and Brian will go over the latest movie and television news for the month and give out a Blu-Ray movie recommendation at the end of each episode.

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star wars

Earlier this month Disney and Lucasfilm announced that Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss will be making a new series of Star Wars films. This new series of films will be separate from the Skywalker films and the upcoming trilogy that will be written and directed by Rian Johnson.


In other news, actor Joaquin Phoenix is in talks to portray the Joker in the upcoming Joker Origins film directed by Todd Phillips and produced by Martin Scorsese. Phillips has named Phoenix as his number one choice, with Phoenix having reportedly accepted the role. Originally Scorsese wanted actor Leonardo Di. Now the two of them are awaiting approval from Warner Bros.


The upcoming Titans television series is moving along with production and casting. Based on the popular DC comics super hero sidekick team. DC entertainment has not stopped the production train on this series since it was green lit. Chief Content Officer of DC Entertainment; Geoff Johns, recently announced was the addition of the Doom Patrol. Another young super hero team of misfits within the DC Comic Universe. The Doom Patrol first appeared in My Greatest Adventure issue #80. Members of this rag tag team of heroes are The Chief, Robotman, Elasti-girl, and Negative Man. They will be joining cast members Brenton Thwites as Dick Grayson/ Robin, Anna Diop as Koriand’r/ Starfire, Teagan Croft as Raven, Ryan Potter as Garfield Logan/ Beast Boy, Alan Ritchson as Hank Hall/ Hawk, and Minka Kelly as Dawn Granger/Dove. Set to release in fall of 2018.


Finally, Black Panther is breaking records yet again, this time by becoming the first Marvel Cinematic Universe film to be featured on the cover of Time Magazine. Last month we reported that Black Panther broke Fandango’s pre-sale record for the first quarter of 2018. It’s currently projected that Black Panther will make approximately $150 million domestically over its opening weekend.

Super Bowl Trailers:
If you were one of the millions of Americans watching the Super Bowl earlier this month, you may have noticed the awesome new trailers that were released. Today, we’d like to bring attention to 5 of those trailers:

avengers iw

First up we have the Avengers: Infinity War trailer. It’s filled with all sorts of new alliances, new outfits, and new tech. We finally got a close up look at Captain America’s new shield made from Wakandan technology, replacing his iconic red, white, and blue shield. We also got a glimpse of Tony Stark’s new suit. The suit appears to use nanotechnology, an indicator that Tony’s latest suit will be his most sophisticated suit to date, we’re talking about his famous Prime Armor.


Next we have the trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story. The first trailer focuses less on our main character and more on the most unique elements of the universe surrounding him. There’s no shortage of new planets, ships, or villains in the trailer, and while major plot points aren’t given away, we finally get our first look at the latest Star Wars story.


There were also new trailers for the next installment in the Mission Impossible franchise, Mission Impossible: Fallout. Very little is known about the latest Mission Impossible film, but we do know that Ethan Hunt and his IMF team are racing against the clock to rectify mistakes that were made after a mission doesn’t go as planned.


Westworld Season 2 trailer hinted at what’s to come in the next season of the HBO hit drama. William will finally get the real game he’s been waiting for inside of Arnold’s maze, with the hosts rising up against their human guests and taking matters into their own hands.

cloverfield paradox

Finally, The Cloverfield Paradox is now available for streaming on Netflix so if you haven’t watched it already, head on over and take a look. The sci-if thriller is about a group of scientist orbiting a planet on the verge of war who must test a device that could end their energy crisis. But their experiments inadvertently open a door to another dimension and they are faced with a dark alternate reality.

New Trailers:

venom movie

The highly anticipated teaser trailer for the Venom movie staring Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock/ Venom was released. The trailer hit over 14 million view with in just a few hours. The trailer footage already hints at a dynamic change in character development. Not only for Hardy’s Eddie Brock but several of the supporting cast roles. Venom made his first appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man issue #300. Venom is scheduled to be released on October 5th.


Next, up is the Deadpool 2 trailer. After the rousing success of the first film. New director David Leitch helms the production. While Ryan Reynolds continues to play the role of everyone’s favorite Merc with a Mouth. We see there is more of a threat than just Cable (Josh Brolin) and Domino (Zazie Beetz) that will change Deadpools own existance as well as anyone connected to the Merc with a mouth. The addition of the Wild Pack (aka., the russian alternative, Six Pack). We have only seen the beginning of a whole universe of other Marvel charcters brought to the big screen. We will keep you posted on the Deadpool 2 movie news as it moves toward its release. Deadpool 2 will be released on May 18th.

jessica jones

Lastly, we can not forget the trailer for the second season of Netflix and Marvel’s Jessica Jones. Since Jessica’s involvement with The Defenders, she has been trying to lye low on the radar. So she returns to her normal life at Alias investigations. However, she is still tangled up in her own conflictions and continuing to cope with her past traumas. Jessica will have to face her past and search down a path she once treaded before. Jessica Jones season 2 will be available to stream on Netflix on March 8th.

New Theatrical Releases:

Hostiles; Directed by Scott Cooper (Starring Chirsitan Bale, Rosmund Pike, Wes Studi)

Black Panther; Directed by Ryan Cooglar (Starring Chadwick Boseman, Michael B Jordan)

New Blu Ray and Digital Download Releases:

Batman Gotham by Gaslight; Directed by Sam Liu (Starring Bruce Greenwood, Jennifer Carpenter, Anthony Head)

Only the Brave; Directed by Joseph Kosinski (Starring Josh Brolin, Jeff Bridges, Myles Teller)



batman gotham by gaslight

Batman Gotham by Gaslight; Directed by Sam Liu (Starring Bruce Greenwood, Jennifer Carpenter, Anthony Head)

This DC comics elseworld title, is set in an Victorian Age Gotham City. Batman Begins his war on crime, while he investigates a series of murders by notorious killer Jack the Ripper. This is a very interesting take on Batman (Bruce Greenwood). What is even more interesting in this Batman chapter is the character development and bond formed between Bruce Wayne/ Batman and Selina Kyle/Catwoman (Jennifer Carpenter). Which makes this a riveting and fun animated Batman film and makes our recommendation list here at Popcorn Feed.

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