The Last of Us on HBO Max starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey is one of the biggest tv shows out right now.

We all know the show is based off a popular video game, but did you know there is a 4-part comic book mini-series available to read?

The Last of Us: American Dreams

The Last of Us American Dreams

The Last of Us: American Dreams is a 4-part comic book mini-series, from Dark Horse Comics. It is the official lead-in to the video game from Faith Erin Hicks (The Adventures of Superhero Girl) and Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann.

Synopsis for The Last of Us: American Dreams:

Nineteen years ago, a parasitic fungal outbreak killed the majority of the world’s population, forcing survivors into a handful of quarantine zones. Thirteen-year-old Ellie has grown up in this violent, post-pandemic world, and her disrespect for the military authority running her boarding school earns her new enemies, a new friend in fellow rebel Riley, and her first trip into the outside world.

If you are looking for more The Last of Us content, then make sure to check out The Last of Us: American Dreams.

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One thing we really enjoyed about this comic book series was that it gave you a good look into Ellie before she meets Joel. It’s a good little prequel to the game and to the show.

If you are not sure where to pick up this comic book series, you can always get the paperback or digital copy on Amazon.

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