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New Comic Book Recommendations | March 29, 2023


Unstoppable Doom Patrol #1

(W) Dennis Culver  (A) Chris Burham

THE WORLD’S STRANGEST HEROES ARE BACK IN THE DC UNIVERSE! After the events of Lazarus Planet, more people than ever have active metagenes! Most of these new metahumans have become misfits, shunned and imprisoned by a fearful society. They have hidden away in the dark, lost to a system that only sees them as weapons or guinea pigs-ticking time bombs that can only be defused by the Unstoppable Doom Patrol! Robotman, Elasti-Woman, and Negative Man are joined by their brand-new teammates Beast Girl and Degenerate, and led by Crazy Jane’s mysterious new alter, the Chief, on a mission of saving the world by saving the monsters!

Blue Beetle Graduation Day #5

(W) Josh Trujillo  (A) Adrian Gutierrez

Superman and Batman come looking for Jaime in Palmera City. After weeks of attacks with Blue Beetle directly at the center, the World’s Finest can’t sit by any longer. They’re going to get to the bottom of Jaime’s connection to the impending Reach invasion, even if it means putting an end to his life as a hero!



Gotham City: Year One #6

(W) Tom King (A) Phil Hester

The brutal, bloody conclusion to the year’s most acclaimed title is here. Slam Bradley has never feared walking the hard path alone, but even his courage will be tested by the shocking turn of events that will take Gotham City down a dark, violent path.



DareDevil #9

(W) Chip Zdarsky (A) Rafael De Latorre

For over three years, Daredevil’s life has been a living hell – between the Stromwyns, the Hand and his time incarcerated and exposed to ReCID. Now all of those dangerous forces are coming together and threatening everything Matt Murdock holds dear!





Its Jeff #1

(W) Kelly Thompson (A) Gurihiru

JEFF THE LANDSHARK STARS IN HIS OWN FIN-TASTIC COMIC! Since his very first appearance, Jeff the Land Shark has flooded our hearts like an adorable tidal wave! Now the ingenious, the extraordinary, the unbearably innocent Jeff embarks on his own adventures across the Marvel Universe! You thought it was safe doing laundry or going for a leisurely swim in the pool?but no activity can protect against Jeff’s cuteness! Collecting the hit Infinity Comics series from the Marvel Unlimited app, this one-shot features a brand-new cover and tail…we mean tale!


The Ambassadors #1

(W) Mark Millar (A) Frank Quietly

Imagine you could gift superpowers to six people. In a world of eight billion, who do you choose? Join six of the greatest artists in the industry for an enormous story about ordinary people from around the world explaining why it should be them.




Blood Stained Teeth #10

(W) Christian Ward (A) Patric Reynolds

Time’s run out for Atticus Sloane, but the Vampire-for-Hire is past caring. Now held up in Dr. Beverly Phelps’ underground hospital, he’s trapped in a last stand against the First Borns.




Killadelphia #29

(W) Rodney Barnes (A) German Erramouspe

Undead detective James Sangster Sr.-the one man standing between Philadelphia and total annihilation-has been KILLED. Now, his son Jimmy Sangster Jr. must find a way to uphold his legacy…but what can one human do against the forces of evil? Will he succeed at keeping this war from ravaging the city and everyone in its path, or will his unborn baby grow up fatherless? Also available in NOIR EDITION, featuring black-and-white line art interiors!



Best Pick up from Last Week | March 22, 2023

Batman Superman World’s Finest #13

(W) Mark Waid (A) Dan Mora

WHERE IN THE WORLD IS METAMORPHO? In the pages of World’s Finest, Batman, Robin, and Superman have traversed some of the DCU’s most iconic locations and teamed up with the likes of the Teen Titans, Doom Patrol, and Supergirl, but none of that will prepare them as they must go across the globe in search of Rex Mason, a.k.a. Metamorpho, the Element Man! The World’s Finest Strangest Adventure begins here!



Graphic Novel Recommendation

The Flash by Mark Waid Book One

(W) Mark Waid (A) Greg Larocque

In 1990, Mark Waid wrote his first Flash story. Under his keen pen, Wally West, who had already been running in the footsteps of the Flashes who came before him, matured into a Flash in his own right. Waid brought a depth of character to The Flash that changed him for good.

As a child, Wally visits his Aunt Iris and her distinctly boring fiancé, the perpetually tardy Barry Allen. Things get interesting for Wally, first when he discovers that Barry and The Flash work together, and then when an accident in Barry’s lab gives him powers just like his hero’s! Young Wally is quickly in danger—not only from The Flash’s enemies, but from the side effects of his new powers!

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