Hey Everyone! It’s a new month, and tomorrow is new comic book day! To celebrate, My Comic Universe wanted to start a new monthly recap post to let you know all about the exciting news and releases from the month of September.

Let’s start off with COMICS:

DC COMICS continues its multi issue cross over story with Dark Nights: Metal #2.

Be on the lookout for some 1st appearances of the Dark Multi-verse Batmen.

Along with Dark Nights Metal #2, and a few one-shots Batman: The Red Death, The Murder Machine, The Dawnbreaker, and a few tie-ins which revealed the Batman Who Laughs.

DC also celebrates the 25th Anniversary of Harley Quinn with a one shot Anniversary Issue.

So be sure to grab those at your local comic shop.

Now for Marvel’s biggest event of the year! This is basically Marvel’s version of the DC Rebirth special from last year. Definitely do not miss this one!

Marvel Comics launches its big event, Marvel Legacy #1. There are a ton of variants available for this one-shot as well!

So comment below to let us know what different variants you find at your local comic shop.

Lastly, Image Comics launches its next big series with Realm #1.

Let’s take a look at some Movie and TV releases from September.

We went to see the release of the movie, It. Based off the Stephen King novel and the 1990s TV movie. The film was well received and is now considered to be the highest grossing horror film EVER!

Marvel’s Inhumans was also released in IMAX theaters. Also, at the end of September it premiered the first two episodes on ABC.

One thing needed for any DC fan’s collection is… the release of the Wonder Woman Blu-ray. We are beyond excited to add this one to our collection!


We cannot forget our Funko Pops pickups for the month of September.

We did get the 6 inch Drogon from Game of Thrones.

And In celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Batman: Animated Series, we were able to get a hold of the chase metallic faced Batman.

Thanks for watching our video and check out our website! We will be doing our recap post at the beginning of each month, so be on the look out for that!

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