The time has finally come! Episode 2 of the MCU Talks Everything Podcast is here! For those of you that are first time listeners to our podcasts, MCU Talks Everything is a more laid-back podcast where My Comic Universe hosts Brandon, Brian, Travis and Steve just hang out and talk about anything and everything.

Check out the above audio podcast for Episode 2 of MCU Talks Everything, you can listen in the player above or click the links below the player to download the podcast and listen later on!

If you haven’t heard Episode 1 of MCU Talks Everything, click here to check it out.

Podcast Topics:

Here are a few of the main topics we discuss in this episode of MCU Talks Everything.

  • CW Arrowverse shows are back! We discuss a few of them including The Flash & Legends of Tomorrow. Want to know what we think about Iris getting speedster powers? Check out our podcast above!
  • The Black Panther Movie – We know this movie has been out of a little while now but we still wanted to let everyone know how much we loved this movie!
  • The newest Avengers Infinity War trailer! There was so much to like about this new trailer, check out what we liked best in podcast!
  • Goku coming to Super Smash Bros? We discuss more in the podcast above!
  • Funko Subscription Boxes came to an end, we got the last box though!
  • and much more!

About Our Podcasts:

At My Comic Universe we have two podcast shows, MCU Talks Everything, and our main show – My Comic Universe Podcast. The My Comic Universe Podcast show is a little different than MCU Talks Everything. Our main podcast show will take a specific topic and mainly discuss that throughout the episode. Covering Comic Book story arcs, character spotlights and more!

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