Alright shellheads, it’s morphin’, I mean, munchin’ time! (Oops, wrong franchise!) If the underground antics of our favorite four ninja bros have ever had you yelling “Cowabunga!” from your couch, then My Comic Universe Podcast has just dropped the episode you’ve been waiting for.

teenage mutant ninja turtles mutant mayhem

We scored seats at the exclusive fan screening of the latest shell-shocker, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem”. And let’s just say, our minds? Blown. Our pizzas? Devoured. Our fandom? Through the roof.

Here’s the TMNT scoop you can expect:

  • “Mutant Mayhem” First Impressions: This ain’t your grandma’s cartoon rerun. We’re talking slick animation, wicked fight sequences, and a plot that’ll have you hooked faster than Mikey can say “Pizza time!”
  • Comic Roots and Turtle Evolution: We’re diving deep, from their gritty comic book origins to their current animated glow-up. The turtles might be ageless, but their journey through pop culture is rich and ever-evolving.
  • A Splash of Nostalgia: From that iconic ’90s live-action flick to the Saturday morning binges, we’re reliving it all. Join us as we geek out over the highs, the lows, and the “did they really just do that?” moments of TMNT history.

Ready for some Turtle Power? Listen Here:

Look, the TMNT universe is vast, wild, and downright radical. And whether you’ve been riding with the turtles since the Mirage days or just caught the “Mutant Mayhem” fever, our My Comic Universe Podcast episode is the ultimate fan discussion you won’t want to miss.

So, if you’re ready to swap fan theories, laugh over turtle quirks, and maybe—just maybe—shed a tear over Splinter’s wisdom, we’ve got the mic ready. Dive in, and let’s make some turtle waves together!

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