Get ready for a power-packed episode of the My Comic Universe Podcast where we delve into the vibrant world of Kamala Khan, Marvel’s charismatic Ms. Marvel. Our latest episode explores everything from her comic book origins to her Disney+ show ‘Ms. Marvel’ and upcoming role in  ‘The Marvels’ movie.

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Known for her polymorphic abilities and fan-girl spirit, Kamala Khan has won hearts since her debut in 2013. In the podcast, we discuss her origin story, her unique powers, and her importance as a groundbreaking character in Marvel’s pantheon. Our conversation ventures beyond the comics, comparing her portrayal in the Disney+ series ‘Ms. Marvel’ and the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

The Marvels

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. This November, Kamala joins forces with Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) and Monica Rambeau (Spectrum) in ‘The Marvels’. Our podcast delves into this highly anticipated cinematic team-up, exploring how these powerful characters might interact.

Ms. Marvel: The New Mutant

And there’s more! In a shocking turn of events in the Amazing Spider-Man series, Kamala Khan was recently killed off, only to be brought back… as a mutant (coming soon). We dissect this surprising development in depth in the podcast episode.

In breaking news not covered in the podcast, we are thrilled to announce that a new series, ‘Ms. Marvel: The New Mutant’, co-written by Iman Villani, is on its way. We can’t wait to see how this chapter evolves Kamala’s journey. We may not have been too thrilled with how Kamala has been handled by Marvel Comics recently, but we have full faith in Iman Villani to bring a lot of joy and heart to the comic.

Don’t miss out on our fun and exciting discussion about one of Marvel’s most beloved characters. Tune in to the My Comic Universe Podcast and let’s celebrate the phenomenon that is Ms. Marvel! Don’t forget to listen to the end for some great comic book recommendations.

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