DC Comics is coming out with a new Young Justice comic series by Brian Michael Bendis. We are all excited about the return of Young Justice Outsiders on DC Universe. We also cannot wait for the Young Justice comic book series coming out this week. Check out the below video and article going over the history of the Young Justice comics and the new series from DC Comics, Young Justice by Brian Michael Bendis.


dc comics young justice brian michael bendis

YouTube: Young Justice by Brian Michael Bendis

Watch our quick video on the new Young Justice series by Brian Michael Bendis.

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Young Justice (W) Brian Michael Bendis (A) Patrick Gleason

Back in October at New York Comic Con it was announced that Action Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis will be working on several new comic book series including the re-amped Young Justice comic series. In a brief interview printed in the most recent issue of DC Nation. Bendis discussed the plans to work with DC comics underused properties such as Dial H for Hero, the Wonder Twins, and of course Young Justice.

Bendis who had been working at Marvel Comics for well over a decade. Has had the opportunity to work on several youth oriented stories. Including the ever popular Ultimate Spider-Man and the edgy Alias comic series. Working closely with artist Patrick Gleason the two are excited to bring forward the trials and tribulations of being a young superhero.

Patrick Gleason’s Track Record

Patrick Gleason’s track record includes the rebirth of Superman (2017), Green Lantern Corps (2006), Robin Son of Batman (2015) and the new 52 Batman And Robin (2012) series.

dc comics young justice brian michael bendis

dc comics young justice brian michael bendis

Young Justice History

dc comics young justice brian michael bendis

Young Justice launched its first series in September of 1998 and yielded a 55 issue run. From artists Todd Nauck, Lary Stucker, and writer Peter David .

dc comics young justice brian michael bendis

The original series began with the joining of Impulse (Bart Allen), Superboy (Conner Kent), and Robin (Tim Drake). The three had been camping out in the Justice League’s old headquarters. But suddenly the three heroes are surprised to find an awakened Red Tornado. He had awoke from a comatose state. The three young heroes learn about new threats, technology and friends that will effect the team’s future.

Since the new Young Justice Outsiders season about to begin soon on the DC Universe streaming service. This would be a great opportunity for the comic series to make a come back.

Young Justice (Con’t)

dc comics young justice brian michael bendis

The series begins with a nightmare dimension known as Gemworld. This dimension invades Metropolis, the young heroes unite to deal with the arising situation.

As the DC Nation article continued, Bendis even teased the introduction of a Teen Lantern as part of the new Young Justice roster. Including the original team members, Impulse (Bart Allen), Superboy (Conner Kent), and Robin (Tim Drake). Some of the other heroes set to join the roster in the new series are Wondergirl, and Ginny Hex.


Young Justice #1 will have its debut January 09, 2019. So don’t forget to add it to your pull list today!

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