Welcome to the 2019 So Cal Retro Gaming Expo! This year’s two day expo, February 23-24, 2019, was held at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, California. Video gamers, vendors, and fans of all ages were in attendance at this years gaming expo. From panels, to video gaming tournaments to exclusive Funko Pops! Check out our first year at the expo and some of the exclusive Funko Pops that we picked up.

So Cal Retro Gaming Expo 2019


The expo hall had a lot to offer, especially in the way of nostalgic memorabilia. Among the numerous vendors were some amazing deals on games, controllers and even consoles.

All this old school gaming really got us wanting to play some retro video games, so we caved and bought a SNES Nintendo Classic Mini on Amazon.

Click here to check out the SNES mini on Amazon.

Tournament Arena 

Contestants of all ages participated in, players choice tournament style game play for cash prizes. Games that were available for contest play, were titles such as Donkey Kong, Mario Brothers, Street Fighter, Mario Kart 64, Sonic the Hedgehog, & Super Smash Brothers Melee, to name a few.

Toy Drops had convention exclusive Funko Pops! (see below pics) available at their booth. Which was limited to 2 per customer per day for each pop.

Funko Pop Convention Exclusives

Jiren – Dragon Ball Super 

so cal retro gaming expo funko pop jiren dragon ball super funko pop convention exclusive

Todoroki (Glow in the Dark) – My Hero Academia 

so cal retro gaming expo funko pop todoroki glow in the dark my hero academia mha


Sasuke (Curse Mark) – Naruto 

so cal retro gaming expo funko pop sasuke curse mark


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