It’s finally the day! For any Alien franchise fan, today marks the release of the 4K Ultra HD & Blu-ray of Alien: Covenant. You can also pick up exclusive editions of Alien: Covenant at Walmart, Best Buy and Target!

Here is a list of what you get with the exclusive retailer versions of Alien: Covenant.

Walmart – Alien Day fan art designed t-shirt (4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray formats)

Best Buy -Alien baby Xenomorph steelbook (4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray formats)

Target – 36-page book packaging featuring an inside look at David’s Lab and the creatures of Alien: Covenant, PLUS behind-the-scenes photography and concept sketches (Blu-ray format)

One thing to note though, unfortunately there does not seem to be any plans to release a Director’s Cut of the film. Not even a behind-the-scenes “making of” documentary like they did with Prometheus back in 2012. With all the deleted/extended scenes available, it would have been cool to get a


Deleted and Extended Scenes

Prologue (Extended)

Walter in Greenhouse

Oram and Daniels (Extended)

Walter Visits Daniels

Daniels Bedroom Flashback

Jacob’s Funeral (Extended)

Ledwards Fall

Crossing the Plaza (Extended)

Daniels Thanks Walter

Rosenthal Prayer

Walter Reports Back

Stairs to Eggroom (Extended)

USCSS Covenant

Meet Walter


The Last Supper


The Crossing


David’s Illustrations – Image Gallery

Master Class: Ridley Scott – Documentary on the making of Alien: Covenant

Director Commentary by Ridley Scott

Production Gallery


Let us know if you will be picking this up today! What did you think of this movie? Let us know in the comments!